1999 – 2022: a timeline of MitoQ’s milestones

Take a walk down memory lane with us to see how, within the last 23 years, MitoQ has evolved from a biotech idea into an international cell health solution.

For you, MitoQ might represent two capsules that help you kick-start the day. But for us, it’s an idea that started small and has grown into a way to empower people’s health and ambitions on a global scale. Take a walk down memory lane with us to see how, within the last 23 years, MitoQ has evolved from a biotech idea into an international cell health revolution

1999: the MitoQ molecule is created

In the late 1990s, MitoQ’s co-founding scientists Mike Murphy and Robin Smith collaborated in a lab at the University of Otago in New Zealand. Their goal? They wanted to find a way for antioxidants to get deep within human cells so that free radicals could be neutralized at their main source: the mitochondria. In 1999, they created something extraordinary and new: they biodesigned a positively-charged molecule that’s attracted to the mitochondria. It was a world-first health solution that started within the smallest of places: human cells. They officially announced their findings in a 2001 research paper. In 2005, the company you now know as “MitoQ” was founded – run by a small team in Auckland, New Zealand. And in 2006, we began conducting clinical trials.

2013: MitoQ 5mg launches (now known as “MitoQ Pure”)

For the first few years, we explored the best ways to use our breakthrough molecule to support people with their cellular health. Initially, the team explored the idea of offering MitoQ as a medication. However, it was soon decided that the best way to make MitoQ available to everyone was by classifying it as a supplement. So, in 2013, we launched our hero product: “MitoQ 5mg”, now known as “MitoQ Pure”. It became a simple way for everyone to combat cell stress on a daily basis.

2015: MitoQ +heart, MitoQ +blood Sugar & MitoQ +liver launch

Following the success of MitoQ 5mg, we released the MitoQ molecule alongside other targeted ingredients. This started with MitoQ +heart in May 2015: designed to support heart and blood vessel function for optimal cardiovascular health by combining our MitoQ molecule with L-Carnitine and magnesium. Then, in July 2015, we launched MitoQ +blood Sugar - a combination of MitoQ, chromium picolinate and zinc – formulated to support normal blood sugar and insulin levels. Finally, we ended 2015 with the release of MitoQ +liver – a combination of MitoQ, siliphos and selenium – created to support optimal liver function and your body's natural detox process.

2016: seven new products launched

2016 was another busy year for the MitoCrew. MitoQ +joint and MitoQ curcumin were released, followed by an advanced skincare range consisting of eye cream, day serum, day cream, night serum and night cream. (Note: our skincare range has since been discontinued while we work on some innovative updates. Watch this space).


2018: Studies find MitoQ supports heart health & leg extension power

In 2018, we created and launched another three formulas: MitoQ +eye, MitoQ Skin Protection Complex and MitoQ Skin Support Complex. Around this time, two exciting new clinical trials were also published. The first concluded that “MitoQ, and potentially other mitochondria-targeted antioxidants, may be an effective treatment for improving vascular function”. The study’s researchers found that MitoQ improves arterial dilation, supports the health of the aorta and significantly fights oxidative stress. In the second clinical trial, it was found that MitoQ can improve leg extension power in healthy older adults. To the researchers, this was an indication “that MitoQ and other therapeutic strategies targeting mtROS may hold promise for improving motor function”.

2019: MitoQ +brain is launched

To complete our MitoQ+ formulations, in 2019 we launched MitoQ +brain: a combination of MitoQ alongside the highest quality Zembrin®, Ginkgo, Sharp-PS® and Huperzine A - designed to support optimal brain health, mental clarity and focus.

2020: research finds MitoQ prevents damage to mitochondrial DNA after exercise

2020 was a big year for MitoQ research. We hit a milestone of 500 research papers being published on our biodesigned molecule. One clinical trial to come out of all of this research resulted in very exciting news for the athletic community. It found that MitoQ attenuates exercise-induced mitochondrial DNA damage. The researchers concluded, “Our work is the first to show a protective effect of chronic MitoQ supplementation on the mitochondrial and nuclear genomes in lymphocytes and human muscle tissue following exercise, which is important for genome stability.” If that wasn’t exciting enough, ConsumerLab.com also ranked MitoQ as the fourth most popular supplement in the United States!


2021: New office, new certifications & a new clinical trial

2021 was an extremely busy year for our team. As we entered our second year of COVID-19 lockdowns, we also brought on 17 new team members. This significant growth led us to move our entire office to a spacious 5-Green Star rated, architecturally-designed warehouse conversion in Auckland, New Zealand. But that was just the start of the year. All of our products were Informed Sport Certified by July, making them safer for athletes to consume. We also became a FernMark licensee, signaling that the New Zealand Government is happy for our products to represent New Zealand around the world. And a monumental clinical trial was also published. It found that, by taking MitoQ for 28 days, cyclists were able to increase their cycling performance.

2022: Brand relaunch

And here we are: 2022. It’s been a wild ride and a crazy couple of years. With over 600 research papers behind us and over a year of preparation in place, we decided it was time to take your MitoQ experience to the next level. On the 24th of February we relaunched the MitoQ brand with new planet friendly packaging, a new logo and a whole new approach to the MitoQ experience.

Whether you’re new to MitoQ or you’ve been with us all along, thank you for being here. We’ve got more milestones to come – and we can’t wait to share them with you.

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