28 things you probably didn’t know about MitoQ

If you’re confident in your knowledge of what MitoQ is and want to dive a little deeper, this list is for you.

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There’s always more to learn about MitoQ – after all, it’s a molecule being continuously researched for its benefits. You probably already know that it’s a molecule that fights cell stress and helps to give your mind and body a lift on a foundational level – but did you know that it was initially developed as a pharmaceutical, or that it can help to clear inactive cells out of your body? How about that there are approximately 37 trillion cells in your body that require ongoing support? Keep reading to find out 29 things you (probably) didn’t know about MitoQ.

1. MitoQ is short for mitoquinol mesylate

Mitoquinol mesylate is our world-first, patented ingredient that can be found in all of our products. It’s an antioxidant that scientists biodesigned to get deep into cells, where it can combat free radicals at their source.

2. MitoQ was initially named MitoQ10

This is because scientists originally created MitoQ as a way to transport an essential cellular health antioxidant – CoQ10 – into mitochondria (something that had never been done before). We ended up dropping the 10 – less is more, right?

3. 10mg of MitoQ contains 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 MitoQ molecules

Every morning when you take your 10mgs of MitoQ, you’re giving your cells 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 MitoQ molecules – that's 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 daily opportunities to support the building blocks of your body.

4. Research suggests that MitoQ can help to clear out senescent cells

Senescent cells are cells that have lost their function. Your mitochondria are always working away to remove these inactive cells from your body, and some people fast to support this process. Studies have suggested that MitoQ is another way to clear away inactive cells.

5. MitoQ was initially developed as a pharmaceutical

This route was discontinued early on because MitoQ was found to have so many diverse benefits. If it was registered as a pharmaceutical, it would be locked into treating a certain health condition. Marketing it as a supplement was the best way to make it available to everyone.

6. Many people turn to MitoQ following their doctor’s recommendation

Many customers write in to tell us they began taking MitoQ after their doctor recommended it to them. It’s also available via many doctors at a higher dose and is also taken at a higher dose by many professional athletes.

7. The MitoQ molecule is shaped like a hexagon

You may have noticed a little red hexagon sitting in the middle of MitoQ’s logo. This is to represent the MitoQ molecule – a teeny, tiny hexagon that scientists created to dive deep into your cells.

8. Research has found that MitoQ can “make old blood vessels seem young again”

A study by the University of Colorado Boulder found that, by taking MitoQ for six weeks, healthy older adults could reverse the age of their blood vessels by 15-20 years. Read more about this research.

9. MitoQ has been studied by some of the world’s top universities

Harvard University, the University of Colorado Boulder, the University of Auckland, the University of Nebraska, Ulster University – these are just a few of the institutions that have explored MitoQ’s benefits.

10. In theory, MitoQ gives you an aging advantage

Ever heard of the Free Radical Theory of Aging? In the 1950s, a scientist named Denham Harman proposed that aging is brought on by free radicals causing oxidative stress (aka, by rogue molecules damaging cells). MitoQ has been scientifically shown to combat this oxidative stress.

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11. Most antioxidants have trouble reaching the vast majority of your body’s free radicals - for MitoQ, it’s easy

Over 90% of your body’s free radicals come from your mitochondria – a heavily protected organelle that most antioxidants struggle to enter. MitoQ was specifically designed to be able to reach these free radicals, so human cells could be supported like never before.

12. MitoQ can help you to replicate new, healthier cells

When your cells divide (which happens daily) they create new cells that contain the same DNA as the original cell. The healthier the parent cell, the healthier the replicated cells. So, in theory, by taking MitoQ, you can create a healthy cell ripple effect throughout your body.

13. MitoQ is electrochemically pulled into your mitochondria

Our founding scientists invented MitoQ to have a positive charge attached. Your mitochondria are negatively charged. That positive-negative attraction creates an electric force that results in MitoQ literally being pulled into your mitochondria.

14. MitoQ isn’t like other antioxidants

Other antioxidants work in other areas in the cell – MitoQ works in the mitochondria. That means MitoQ pairs well with other antioxidant ingredients selected for our formulas, without either ingredient being redundant.

15. MitoQ has a specific affinity for the mitochondria in your cells

MitoQ successfully targets the mitochondria, where many other ingredients can’t get to – we know this because studies show MitoQ concentrates in your mitochondria hundreds to thousands of times more than outside the mitochondria.

16. Once inside your mitochondria, MitoQ recycles itself to be used again and again

When MitoQ neutralizes a free radical, it becomes oxidized to its inactive form, ubiquinone. Then, MitoQ is rapidly reduced back to its active form, ubiquinol, by the respiration system in your mitochondria, ready to keep on fighting more free radicals. That makes MitoQ super effective as an antioxidant.

17. MitoQ is a great option for people taking statins

People that take statins to maintain healthy cholesterol levels are often deficient in CoQ10 as a result. MitoQ can provide great support for this.

18. MitoQ was invented in New Zealand

Our founding scientists created MitoQ in a lab at the University of Otago, located in the South Island of New Zealand.

19. MitoQ’s head office is located in New Zealand

The MitoQ molecule was created here, so it makes sense that the majority of our team is here too. However, Covid-19 has changed the way we work – members of the MitoCrew can often be found scattered across the country (and globe!).

20. MitoQ can support healthy mitochondria in your brain cells (neurons)

Your brain is an energy-hungry organ with lots of mitochondria. Studies indicate that MitoQ passes the blood-brain barrier, where it can combat cell stress to support memory and cognitive functions in your brain.


21. Research shows MitoQ is safe well above the recommended dose

While the recommended dose of MitoQ is 10-20mg per day, it’s been studied in doses up to 160mg (the equivalent of 32 MitoQ capsules at once) – producing an excellent safety record.

22. MitoQ’s packaging is 100% recyclable

We know there’s continuous work that needs to be done, but we’re on a mission to do right by planet Earth. MitoQ’s bottles, bottle caps, inks and outer boxes are all 100% recyclable!

23. It’s fine to have coffee with your MitoQ

While we don’t recommend having your MitoQ with food (food inhibits its absorption) having it with a cup of coffee is perfectly fine. However, some of our customers find that MitoQ gives them so much energy that they no longer want their morning coffee!

24. It’s safe to take multiple MitoQ formulas at once

The only thing to watch out for with this is that some of our products do have vitamins and minerals in them, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your intake levels of those. People often take multivitamins on top of MitoQ, so it’s just a case of keeping those vitamins and minerals within the recommended range.

25. MitoQ Pure is Informed Sport certified

Every batch of MitoQ Pure is Informed Sport certified. This means that it’s tested for banned substances – so that MitoQ-powered athletes can train and compete knowing that they are being supported a high-quality cellular health molecule.

26. MitoQ is a NZ Fernmark Licensee

The NZ Fernmark criteria requires our products to be made, grown or designed in New Zealand, which is why the New Zealand Government is happy for our products to represent New Zealand around the world.

27. MitoQ has been featured in Time Magazine, the Los Angeles Times + more

Some impressive publications have taken an interest in what MitoQ could mean for the future of human health – you can check these out on our press page.

28. In 2020, MitoQ was ranked the 4th most popular supplement in the USA

A 2020 ConsumerLab.com survey asked 9,782 consumers which supplements they had purchased in the last year: 45.7% said they purchased MitoQ/CoQ10/Ubiquinol.

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