Digestive health and how MitoQ helps

Our digestive system is a complex series of organs that starts at the mouth and includes the stomach and the small and large intestines.

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Its two main functions are to convert food into usable nutrients and to eliminate various waste products. Your digestive tract extends for about 30 feet as it winds through your body, and the inner surface of the intestines has an intricate series of folds to maximize surface area for absorption. Spread out flat, this area is almost the size of a tennis court. The digestive system contains many enzymes, acids and beneficial bacteria to aid in digestion, and the entire tract is surrounded by muscles, which contract and relax to help digest food and move it along its path.

Over the course of a year, around half a ton of food will pass through your digestive system, providing you with the nutrients your body needs to function and grow, and the energy your mitochondria need to power your cells.

There are a number of long-term conditions which affect the digestive system, and these can significantly affect our health and wellbeing. These conditions often arise when our immune system responses become unbalanced which can result in normal healthy tissue being mistakenly targeted by the immune system. Although all parts of the digestive system can be affected, the intestinal tract is particularly susceptible to this type of damage, which can result in excessive tiredness, inability to properly absorb food, significant discomfort and a range of other related issues. Free radical damage from poorly functioning mitochondria has been shown to be a significant factor in this type of tissue and organ damage.

MitoQ Curcumin is an excellent support product for digestive health, and both ingredients have been individually shown to support normal gastrointestinal health and function.

Because it is taken by mouth, curcumin is highly bio-available to the digestive tract, and the intestinal lining is the first tissue that it encounters. This provides extensive interaction with the cells here, but the optimized absorption of Longvida also allows a significant proportion to enter the blood stream and have a systemic effect. In these ways, curcumin can help to support normal and balanced immune responses, which in turn, can assist with normal gastrointestinal function and digestive health. At the same time, MitoQ targets the mitochondria in digestive system tissues, helping to reduce oxidative damage from free radicals and allowing for optimal cellular energy production for growth and repair.

If you know how to take better care of yourself, you can do more.

  • Support healthy energy levels, so you can do more.
  • Maintain healthy cells to support a healthy you.
  • Power up your mitochondria for optimal digestive health.

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