Does MitoQ really work?

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Does MitoQ really work? The answer to this question really depends on what you’re hoping MitoQ will do for you. If you want MitoQ to help you go a week without sleep so that you can binge-watch Squid Game – then, unfortunately, the answer is probably no. But if you’re wanting to give your body more energy on a cellular level – then the answer is yes! Here’s a run-down on what we know to be true about the benefits of MitoQ.

How MitoQ works


Biochemist, Robin Smith, and Professor of Mitochondrial Redox Biology, Mike Murphy, are our go-to experts when it comes to explaining how MitoQ works: because they created it!

“What MitoQ first of all does is: it gets inside mitochondria (the batteries within your cells)…", tells Professor Smith. “We were very surprised to find that, once it’s inside mitochondria – through chemical reactions we now understand – it gets very rapidly converted into a compound which is a very effective antioxidant. We didn’t realize how effective the change of MitoQ to the compound would be. So, it loads up with an antioxidant that’s really ready to interfere with any damaging oxidative species.”

“To think, in the simplest terms, about how MitoQ works: if you think about any natural phenomena (e.g., a river) it contains lots of detritus and damaging weed and pollution”, explains Professor Murphy. “But many of the organisms – like the fish and the birds in the river – they're going around eating up and gobbling up all the damaging bits and the pollution that’s in the river. So, in some ways, free radicals are a bit like the damage and the MitoQ is a bit like the birds or the fish munching through these damaging free radicals so they’re not able to damage, overall.”

Basically, what this means is that MitoQ gets to your body’s energy source – your mitochondria – and neutralizes free radicals: rogue molecules that could otherwise damage your cells. In doing so, MitoQ combats cell stress: helping to keep your body balanced, healthy and functioning at its best.

The low-down on MitoQ research

12 clinical trials have been carried out on MitoQ. The researchers behind these trials concluded the following:

  • MitoQ lowers oxidative stress markers (which signals that MitoQ combats cell stress/free radical damage)
  • MitoQ 20mg, taken over 6 weeks, increases arterial dilation by 42% in healthy 60-79-year-olds (supporting blood flow and heart health)
  • MitoQ 20mg, taken over 28 days, helps middle-aged cyclists complete time trials faster
  • Chronic supplementation with MitoQ 20mg over 21 days protects mitochondrial and nuclear DNA during high-intensity exercise
  • 6 weeks of MitoQ 20mg improves leg extension power in healthy older adults

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What MitoQ reviews say

Because your cells are connected to every function in your body, a domino effect can occur when you take MitoQ. Some of our customers have found that MitoQ supports their:

Strength and resilience

“I have taken MitoQ for 2 months. I do believe I got an improvement in strength and resilience after 4 to 6 weeks. I feel it has held steady since then. At 72 years old a small improvement is great.” - Neville T., MitoQ customer

Sustained energy

“MitoQ gave me a sustained energy level and I could see the difference when I wasn't taking it versus when I took it.” - Meritxell McNally, MitoQ Customer

Healthy aging

“I recently had my biological age measured using a blood test for methylation of my DNA. I’m 80 and my biological age came back as 67! I do have good exercise and diet programmes but do wonder if MitoQ may have had something to do with this amazing result.” - Anne S., MitoQ customer


“These pills are amazing, not only for your energy levels, but for your skin as well. Would highly recommend taking these every day.” - Gloria G., MitoQ customer

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How to take MitoQ

If you’re new to MitoQ, we recommend taking two MitoQ 5mg capsules first thing in the morning, with water - on an empty stomach. This is because research has shown that MitoQ is most effective on an empty stomach. As you’ll see from the studies and testimonials above – fighting cell stress takes time. While some people notice a change in their energy levels or fitness quite quickly, it can take a few weeks or months for others to notice a difference. That’s why we recommend starting with our MitoQ triple pack – so your cells have three months to stock up on our advanced antioxidant.

Do you have more questions? Check out our Chief Scientific Officer’s answers to frequently asked questions.

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