Getting the balance right: Darragh Walshe on family, health & work

On average, “work-life balance” gets Googled 74,000 times per month, globally. It’s something most of us strive for – and it’s not that easy to achieve. Among competing priorities within our careers, relationships, health, and goals, it can be difficult to find enough time in the day to create a routine that works. At MitoQ, we’re firm believers that getting more out of life starts on a foundational level. So, we caught up MitoQ ambassador, businessman, father and two-time World Masters Games medalist Darragh Walshe for some ideas on how he manages it all: his career, family life, wellbeing and training. These are some of the strategies that work for him.

Darragh Walshe

Setting priorities

While Darragh’s life is busy, family is always his number one priority.

“I have a wife and three daughters who are very important to me”, tells Darragh. “I have always tried to have a number of elements that are important to me - family, health, sport and work. While there are times when one becomes dominant over the other, the overall aim is for these to be balanced. While my life is about balance, family still takes priority over everything.”

Wellbeing essentials

Any working parent will tell you that to fit in exercise, you need to get good at multitasking. Darragh's approach to staying fit is no different. He includes training in his work commute, he ensures he gets ample sleep so that he has the energy to start the day with an early training session and he sets goals to keep himself motivated. When it comes to taking care of his health and wellbeing, Darragh says exercise is his non-negotiable. It plays a major role in how he plans out his week.

“Having a routine is important for me. If I have come back from a break, I don’t concern myself with how long I am training. I just make sure I head out the door as part of the schedule, even if it is only for ten minutes of exercise. After about two weeks of having to mentally push myself, I find that the routine then becomes automatic and I am out that door without a second thought.”

Get into a rhythm

Darragh’s routine provides a great example of how having a daily rhythm can simplify life.

“My day starts any time from 5.30am to 6.30am, depending on whether it is for swim training, running with the dog or going out on the bike. I start the day with MitoQ - first thing, before heading out to training. I don’t tend to need to think about energy levels for the rest of the day. I have taken MitoQ for around 5 years and it has become a go-to for me. It gives me a feeling of energy and confidence to get the most out of everything I do. Then, I’m off to work, either by bus or bike. At the end of the day, my commute home often includes a cycle or run. The rest of the evening tends to be family/home-related. I try to avoid any work-related activities. I tend to be better at winding down when I am quietly active and doing easy things.”

Resilience and winding down

Of course, even the most well-planned routine can sometimes get off track – life throws curveballs at all of us. To maintain balance throughout all of life’s ups and downs, Darragh ensures he focuses on “having variety, being positive, upholding a sense of humor, and keeping healthy.”

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