How Rose Wetzel finds the energy to be a mom, athlete & superwoman

Roses' toolkit includes: MitoQ, strong foundations, self-motivation, wellbeing non-negotiables, social multitasking & de-stressing self-care. Learn more...

Rose Wetzel

If you haven’t heard of obstacle course racer Rose Wetzel, this photo she recently posted on her Instagram account provides a pretty accurate introduction. With one arm, she holds up her daughter Taylor and, with the other, a gold trophy from yet another Spartan race. It’s an image that symbolizes Rose’s dedication to being her best in all of the areas of life that are important to her – and inspiring others to do the same.

Aside from being a mother and obstacle course racer, Rose is a writer, personal trainer, competitive runner – and so much more. We’re chuffed to call Rose a MitoQ ambassador – and wanted to learn more about the tools she uses to support her purpose-fueled life.

According to Rose, her toolkit includes:

#1 – MitoQ

“Having enough physical energy and mental clarity to get through the day is essential for me”, tells Rose. “To help with this, one of the first things I do is take MitoQ. It gives me the confidence to set high goals for my day, knowing I’ll have the energy and recovery I need for my workouts and errands. From there, it’s all go. I eat breakfast, get Taylor ready and play with her, work as a remote personal trainer, foam roll, run 8-16 miles, eat lunch, throw in a laundry load, have some “quiet time” (rest/read/check emails), play with Taylor, strength train, eat dinner, check and respond to emails/work on social media projects/text friends and family, work on my book-writing or public speaking skills, wind down and then sleep!”

#2 – Strong foundations

“For anyone wanting to cultivate a high-performance life, one thing I’ve realized is that everything is related, which is why a strong foundation is key. Motivation for nailing a hard workout doesn’t really matter if I don’t have adequate sleep/energy and proper nutrition/hydration to be able to accomplish that.”

#3 – Self-motivation

“I break things into small manageable steps, assess potential obstacles and keep a diversified portfolio of motivations at the forefront of my mind.”

#4 - Wellbeing non-negotiables

“Sleep, energy, healthy food – without these three, I struggle being the best version of myself. With enough sleep and energy, not only can I knock out workouts that support my ambitious athletics goals, but I have a greater bandwidth to be patient with my child and spouse.”

#5 – Social multitasking

“When it comes to fitting in time with friends and family - I get creative. I try to run with my running friends, meet my parent friends with our kids, meet up with foodie friends at a dinner party, etc. Also, I finally learned how to connect others so I can blend people in my separate friend groups into one to see more people at once.”

#6 – De-stressing self-care

“In order to sleep well, I need to keep stress at bay, so I prioritize stress-reducing self-care. At the end of a long day, I like to read a book, write, engage in good conversation or watch a funny TV show with Tim, my husband. I invest in my health, knowing it will yield the best short and long-term dividends.”

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