The health benefits of CoQ10 & why you should take it

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So you’ve got your MitoQ – congratulations! You’ve taken a significant step in supporting the natural functions of your mitochondria. Here’s our recommendations on how to get the best out of the product as you factor it into your daily routine.

  • To set a consistent routine we suggest storing your pack of MitoQ on your bedside table to grab when you wake up, or in your bathroom to take just before or after you shower. Wherever you decide to store it, please be sure to keep your MitoQ out of direct sunlight.
  • Take two capsules with water per day at least 30 minutes before your breakfast or two hours after eating. Unlike regular CoQ10 (which is fat soluble and better taken with food), taking mitoquinol mesylate with food interferes with its ability to be absorbed and assist your mitochondria.
  • Take two capsules of MitoQ(10mgs) every morning to ensure the mitoquinol mesylate works its magic on your cells. In three months from now, most of your cells will be brand new and you will have been giving them best chance to regenerate.
  • We'd like to encourage you to create a little space for yourself around the time your take your MitoQ each day - while building the habit of taking MitoQ each day is the perfect opportunity to cultivate another positive habit that will contribute to your well-being. Perhaps start a daily 10 minute meditation, or set yourself a 1 minute press-up challenge. For more activity inspiration click here

Each MitoQ capsule across the range contains the same amount of MitoQ. Try one of our revolutionary blends with additional premium ingredients for extra support.

MitoQ Pure


Why is it important to continuously take MitoQ?

With optimized cells, you can enjoy an optimized healthspan – but you need to keep your cells topped up for this to remain consistent.

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MitoQ morning ritual


Your questions answered: everything you want to know about MitoQ

We recently gave you the opportunity to “ask us anything” on our social media channels. Here’s what you asked – and here are our answers.

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