How to stay healthy with a busy schedule

Check out these easy changes to be healthier amidst your busy schedule.

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If there’s one thing we can all relate to – it's having busy schedules. For you, this might involve balancing parenting and a career alongside your health and wellbeing – or perhaps balancing multiple passion projects alongside a full-time job. Whatever the challenge may be for you, we’ve got some easy changes that you can make to be healthier - despite your busy schedule.

How to balance a busy schedule

Before you jump ahead to planning a new and improved fitness routine, realistic healthy meals or better sleep habits – we encourage you to ask yourself: what am I currently doing to manage my lifestyle on a foundational level? If you’re not taking care of your health on a foundational level and you don’t currently have a plan in place to keep your life organized – this is a good place to start. Simply make these two easy changes to be healthier on a primary level:

Create a plan

If your life currently feels a bit hectic, a planner or calendar is one of the best purchases you can make. Jot down what your current routine looks like – and then re-plan it into something that looks a little more balanced, while still being feasible. Integrative Nutritionist and MitoQ ambassador Kaytee Boyd has some great tips on creating this balance in the blog An Integrative Nutritionist’s Guide to Living a Full, Energized Life. Her top tips include writing down three daily goals, balancing your work hours and multitasking wherever possible.

Support your cells

When it comes to taking care of your everyday health – start with your cells. They support your body in carrying out all of its daily tasks and are linked to your immune system, mental focus and physical performance. This is where our pioneering cellular health science can help. MitoQ combats cell stress so that your body’s energy levels are supported – giving you more power to get through busy days. Multiple customers and ambassadors report experiencing improved energy levels as a result of taking MitoQ, including Kaytee Boyd, who says: “I could not be without MitoQ now. It really does make a big difference to my energy staying consistent over the whole day.”

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How to fit sleep into a busy schedule

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The quality of your sleep plays an essential role in your overall health. Your body grows and heals while you sleep – so it’s important to form a sleeping pattern that supports this. Integrative Physician Dr. Mark Menolascino finds that sticking to a consistent sleep time and wake-up time helps with this. His top suggestions for creating healthy sleep habits include:

  • Keeping sleep goals to around 7-8 hours per night
  • No blue lights or screen/TV/phone time at night, if possible
  • Ensure your room is dark and the temperature is optimal
  • Dim lights about 30 min before bedtime
  • Use meditative techniques to induce relaxation

Studies suggest that there is a strong link between your sleep quality and the health of your mitochondria (the tiny organelles within your cells). Your mitochondria help to produce the hormones that repair your body during sleep and also influence your body’s sleep/wake cycle.

This is another area where MitoQ may be able to help, as it supports the health and function of your mitochondria. You can learn more about this by reading: How Does Sleep Affect Mitochondria?

How to fit exercise into a busy schedule

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How do you stay fit if you’re busy? There’s no one better to answer this question than mother and athlete Rose Wetzel. Her days are typically jam-packed with working as a personal trainer, taking care of her daughter, training for races, working on passion projects and so much more. For Rose, hitting her workout targets comes down to having a wellbeing toolkit that includes MitoQ as well as proper sleep, hydration and nutrition.

“For anyone wanting to cultivate a high-performance life, one thing I’ve realized is that everything is related, which is why a strong foundation is key”, says Rose. “Motivation for nailing a hard workout doesn’t really matter if I don’t have adequate sleep/energy and proper nutrition/hydration to be able to accomplish that... With enough sleep and energy, not only can I knock out workouts that support my ambitious athletics goals, but I have a greater bandwidth to be patient with my child and spouse.”

For more ideas, check out: How to find energy to exercise if you’re a busy parent

How to maintain a healthy diet with a busy schedule

If you’d like detailed advice on how to eat healthy with a busy schedule, a consultation with a dietitian is the best way to seek personalized advice. However, if you’re simply interested in creating some healthy meals for a busy schedule, these ideas should offer some helpful starting points.

Take a look at your current food choices. The World Health Organization recommends consuming a diet that is primarily made up of fruit, vegetables, legumes, nuts and whole grains. If your daily intake doesn’t typically include five portions of fruit and vegetables, start swapping your current snacks out for raw fruit and vegetables that you can eat on the go.

Search “realistic healthy meals” on Pinterest. This image-sharing site is packed full of healthy meal plans designed to suit busy schedules. You can even follow qualified nutritionists and dietitians for ongoing meal plan inspiration.

Invest in a quality cookbook. There are endless cookbooks and e-books to choose from that are packed full of easy dinners for busy families. Do a quick online search or take a trip to your local bookstore to find one that suits your very busy schedule.

How to fit self-care into your busy schedule

If self-care currently isn’t making it to the top of your list of priorities, try to think of it as a way to set yourself up for a successful week. Self-care needn't involve any major time-consuming events – there are many simple ways to invest in your overall health amidst your busy schedule. Your self-care rituals might include a relaxing bath to set yourself up for a good night’s sleep, or starting your day with a comedic podcast so that you begin each day in a positive mood.

Self-care can also extend to your home environment – and you might find it helpful to create self-care rituals for the whole family. Helping your children to create relaxing bedtime routines could be hugely beneficial for your own bedtime routine, and encouraging your significant other to get onboard with some healthy lifestyle changes could make a big difference to how you both feel on a day-to-day basis. Consider what areas of your wellbeing could do with some support – whether it be sleep, stress or socializing – and plan your self-care rituals accordingly.

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