Meet our cellular health experts

Are you interested in learning as much as you can about your cellular health and MitoQ? Our cellular health experts have so much knowledge to share!

Cellular health is a complex topic. Lucky for us, we’ve got an amazing team of experts who really know their stuff when it comes to cell health and how MitoQ works. Whether you have a holistic interest in health and wellbeing, want to better understand how MitoQ works within your body or are curious about how taking better care of your cells could support your athletic pursuits – our panel of experts are here to provide you with research-backed guidance. Meet them below – and come back to this page often: it’s where you’ll find our latest Q&A video interviews with our cellular health experts!

Mike Murphy

MitoQ co-founder, Professor of Mitochondrial Redox Biology at the University of Cambridge

Meet Mike: he’s the co-creator of MitoQ, Professor of Mitochondrial Redox Biology at the University of Cambridge, a Fellow of the UK Academy of Medical Sciences (FMedSci), and an honorary Fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand. In short: he’s an amazing source of knowledge when it comes to understanding how MitoQ supports mitochondrial health – and the health of your body overall. In the video above, Mike explains what you can do to look after your cells and how it can contribute to healthy aging.

Grace Mitchell

MitoQ’s Science and Education Writer

Meet our lovely and talented Science and Education Writer: Grace Mitchell. That crazy scientific cell health article you just read on our website that you were able to make sense of thanks to some clever wordsmithing? That was likely Grace’s artistry. She holds a Master of Science in Ecology & Biodiversity and is an experienced science communicator, research assistant and tutor. You can learn all about cell science and MitoQ from Grace in the Q&A video above. Alternatively, listen to the Q&A on our Spotify channel.

Paul Cadman

Certified sports nutritionist and elite endurance coach

Meet endurance sports coach and sports nutritionist Paul Cadman. He’s the founder and director of Elevate Coaching where he provides elite athletes with the training and support they need to meet and exceed their athletic goals. He’s also a huge MitoQ advocate – both he and many of his athletes take MitoQ and can attest to its benefits within athletic performance and recovery. To learn more about the role that MitoQ plays in athletic performance and recovery, watch our Q&A video with Paul above or download his FREE training and recovery checklist below.

Download Paul's FREE exercise training + recovery checklist

Check out this Q&A with Paul to learn why athletes need antioxidants

Siobhan Mitchell

MitoQ’s Chief Scientific Officer

Siobhan Mitchell - MitoQ's CSO

Meet Siobhan: our amazing Chief Scientific Officer! She works on a huge range of cell science projects at MitoQ, and loves working with the science team to develop innovative, unique products that make a difference in people’s lives. Siobhan holds a PhD from SUNY Albany, where she investigated behavioral and metabolic effects of drugs of abuse. She’s also completed a post-doctoral fellowship on brain aging at the University of Washington. Since then, she’s built up 15 years of clinical research experience, holds seven patents on mood and cognitive food products and has authored over 50 papers on aging, brain health, nutrition, metabolic health and more!

COMING SOON – Stay tuned for a Q&A video interview with Siobhan

Kaytee Boyd

Integrative Nutritionist

Kaytee Boyd

Meet Kaytee: she’s a New Zealand-based Integrative Nutritionist and the founder of the Boyd Clinic – a clinic offering personalized services to help individuals take care of their overall health and wellbeing. She’s also a Nutrition Society of NZ member, MINND foundation practitioner, works closely with the Multiple Sclerosis Society for newly diagnosed patients, is a weekend cancer masterclass workshop leader, chronic fatigue/ME specialist and, side note, she’s also a World Cup gold medalist in track cycling! We’ll be catching up with Kaytee later in 2023 for a Q&A livestream where we’ll dive deep into her cellular health expertise – watch this space!

COMING SOON – Stay tuned for a Q&A video interview with Kaytee

Dr. Claire Badenhorst

Senior Lecturer in Exercise and Sports Science at Massey University

Dr. Claire Badenhorst

Meet Claire: she’s a Senior Lecturer in Exercise and Sport Science at New Zealand’s Massey University. Her areas of research include iron status and regulation in females and interactions with the menstrual cycle, exercise-induced iron deficiency and RED-S in athletes, and nutrient-nutrient interactions of iron and vitamin D status in females. She has completed competitively in triathlons and now thoroughly enjoys exercising for her health. We’ll be catching up with her for a Q&A later in 2023 but, until then, you can keep up with her research and athletic endeavors on her Instagram.

COMING SOON – Stay tuned for a Q&A video interview with Claire

Dr. Brendon Woodhead

MitoQ’s Head of Research and Development

Dr. Brendon Woodhead

Meet MitoQ’s Head of Research and Development: Brendon. He holds a PhD in Pharmaceutical Science from King’s College London and has worked across many areas of scientific research and development throughout his career. Brendon and his team support scientists from universities and institutions around the world in carrying out independent research on MitoQ – enabling us to proudly say that, so far, over 700 independent research papers have been published on MitoQ. He’s a pretty busy guy – also looking after MitoQ’s SciComms, compliance, molecular innovation, testing, NPD and IP. He also runs MitoQ’s in-house research program, developing new projects and supporting evidence on MitoQ’s benefits – but more on that in our livestream with him later in the year!

COMING SOON – Stay tuned for a Q&A video interview with Brendon

Nicole Barnett

MitoQ’s Research and Development Manager

Nicole Barnett

Meet Nicole – you may remember her from our Q&A livestream with MitoQ expert Paul Cadman. With a bachelor's degree in health science, nutrition and naturopathic medicine, plus extensive experience leading health and science-based companies, Nicole brings a wealth of cell health knowledge to the MitoCrew. She works alongside Brendon in MitoQ’s research and development, helping us to share exciting new MitoQ findings with the world whilst also supporting us in communicating MitoQ’s sometimes complicated science.

COMING SOON – Stay tuned for a Q&A video interview with Nicole

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