Q&A with MitoQ’s CEO: why has MitoQ changed?

A Q&A with MitoQ’s CEO on our new sustainable packaging, look and messaging.

MitoQ Pure

We're so excited to share MitoQ's recent changes with you. These changes began when we asked you what you wanted from us. You told us and we listened. We went on a sustainability journey which led us to transform our packaging. Your feedback also inspired us to evolve as a brand so we can better serve your needs.

Now, we're endeavoring to encourage you to be the CEO of your cell health. By showing you how to combat cell stress, we hope to add more life to your years. We've also developed new, planet-friendly packaging. It's our hope that this new direction will create a positive ripple effect that will change your world for the better.

We're sure you have some questions. Hopefully, our CEO Mahara Inglis answers all of them (and more) in the Q&A below. If there's anything we've missed, get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.

MitoQ's CEO Mahara Inglis
MitoQ's CEO Mahara Inglis

Q) Why has MitoQ rebranded?

Mahara: Quite frankly, we looked the same as everyone else, but we're NOT the same as everyone else. No one has our unique technology. No one else can make the difference to cells that we can. And unfortunately, not many people understand the importance of cells in their overall wellbeing.

Rebranding is one of the steps we are taking to raise awareness around the importance of cells AND draw attention to our unique technology.

Q) What changes can customers expect as a result of the rebrand?

Mahara: First off, there have been no changes to the formulations that have been so successful with our customers. The biggest alterations involve a shift toward more sustainable packaging, and slight adjustments in the way we talk about MitoQ. We will be talking a lot more about the importance of alleviating cell stress and the unique role that MitoQ plays in revitalizing people's cells. We want to connect with people and show just what an empowered and energized life without cell stress can look like.

Overall, we just want people to have a much richer and more engaging experience with MitoQ.

Q) Why has MitoQ’s packaging changed?

Mahara: We received customer feedback on our packaging and found an opportunity to:

A) improve the sustainability

B) improve the functionality/usability

C) reinforce the quality and efficacy of the product with an upgraded unboxing experience; and

D) create a showpiece by which people can start a conversation about cell health.

Q) What measures has MitoQ taken to be more sustainable?

Mahara: I am personally passionate about sustainability and it’s important to note that this is the first step in our overall sustainability journey. We fully acknowledge there is more to be done.

Our packaging improvements include:

  • We have nearly halved the size of our bottle (190ml to 100m) to ensure there’s no shipping of excess air.
  • We've improved the recyclability by developing a minimum polypropylene bottle and cap.
  • The box that protects our bottle is made from environmentally responsible paper which has been produced using PEFC certified pulp from responsible sources, and any print uses environmentally friendly inks, which allows the package to be 100% recycled or composted.
  • Where possible, we have shifted to recycled plastic courier bags which are 100% recyclable.
MitoQ Pure bottle

Q) Is the MitoQ product still the same? Have any ingredients changed?

Mahara: Yes, all MitoQ products are exactly the same. There have not been any changes to the formulations.

Q) Is the Skin Protection Complex and MitoQ Skin Support Complex still in your range?

Mahara: No - at this point we have discontinued these two products.

However, our skin is our largest organ and is made up (entirely) of cells so MitoQ has an important role to play. This is why we are developing innovative new products which we will be launching later in 2022.

Q) What are MitoQ’s goals, moving forward?

Mahara: We are deeply passionate about revitalizing people's cells so they can be at their best. We believe we can build and support a global community of healthy, energized and empowered individuals who are passionate about living full lives and making the most of every moment. We believe we can enable them to have a positive impact on themselves, their family, the communities in which they live and, ultimately, the planet.

Our primary goal is to raise global awareness around the importance of cell health and highlight the issues caused by cell stress. Ultimately, what the whole MitoCrew is motivated by every day, is the better lives that people can lead when taking MitoQ.

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