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Our eyes are made of dozens of different structures. Estimated to be able to detect up to 10 million colours, our eyes can also detect pressure and are important in regulating our circadian rhythm.

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Our eyes are complex organs made of dozens of different structures. Capable of detecting up to 10 million colors, our eyes can also detect pressure and are important in regulating our circadian rhythm or “body clock”. Our eyes are extremely sensitive, and it is thought they can even detect a single photon of light.

A very large area of the brain, known as the visual cortex, is responsible for receiving and translating information from the eyes into what we know as vision, highlighting the importance of this amazing sense. There are many health conditions which can affect the eye. The World Health Organisation estimates that up to 1 billion people across the world are affected by some form of visual impairment, but thankfully, there is now a product that can support your overall eye health.

Mitochondria are tiny organelles found in almost all our cells, and they’re responsible for generating the energy our cells need to function. When mitochondria produce this energy, they can also produce free radicals as a by-product. Excess free radicals can damage the mitochondrial membrane which can lead to the mitochondria not functioning properly. This can also allow more free radicals to leak out into the cell and potentially damage other cellular components, including DNA. 90% of all free radicals are produced by mitochondria.

The cells in our eyes, especially those in our retinas, contain thousands of mitochondria to power the chemical and electrical reactions responsible for our sense of vision. Our delicate retinas are especially susceptible to free radical damage which can be a result of poorly functioning mitochondria. By supporting the antioxidant capacity of our mitochondria, the vast majority of free radicals can be neutralized.

MitoQ +eye is a revolutionary eye health formula based on decades of scientific evidence. MitoQ +eye combines high quality plant extracts, vitamins and minerals with the world’s only mitochondria-targeted CoQ10 antioxidant to support optimum eye health.

Groundbreaking MitoQ antioxidant technology targets free radical-producing mitochondria in the eye to support their natural ability to combat the harmful effects of these free radicals. Mirtoselect® Bilberry and Pycnogenol support normal eye fluid pressure, tear production and good capillary health.

MitoQ +eye also contains Lutemax 2020®, which provides crucial supportive components of the retina which decline with age. Taken daily, MitoQ +eye supports normal vision, eye health and retinal function.

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