The antioxidant benefits of MitoQ

The MitoQ molecule energizes your cells from within to help revitalize and preserve your cell health. But just how does it actually get into your cells?

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MitoQ entering a cell

A world-first mitochondria-targeted antioxidant, MitoQ’s patented technology was biodesigned to combat free radicals and cell stress at the source – within the energy-producing powerhouses in your cells: mitochondria.

The MitoQ molecule energizes your cells from within to help revitalize and preserve your cell health. But just how does it actually get into your cells? That’s what makes MitoQ so special.

How does MitoQ get into your cells?

How MitoQ works

When you swallow your daily MitoQ capsules, they travel down your throat, dissolve in your gut, and those quintillions of MitoQ molecules are rapidly taken up into your bloodstream in an intact form1,2. For peak absorption during this part of the process – so that any food in your stomach doesn’t interfere with your uptake – your MitoQ is best taken 30 minutes before breakfast to kick off your morning (or 2 hours after eating and 30 minutes before the next meal).

From the bloodstream, MitoQ easily passes into the many individual cells that make up your body and concentrates in your mitochondria, this includes cells within the tissues of your brain, heart, liver, and muscles1,3.

How do antioxidants normally get into cells?

Roughly 90-95% of your body’s free radicals originate in your mitochondria – so you want antioxidants to do an effective job at getting into these powerhouses before these free radicals can cause too much damage. It can be difficult for antioxidants to cross into your mitochondria – your body doesn’t just want to let any random intruder pass through and risk your energy production! For that reason, antioxidants often struggle to get into the mitochondria where they’re needed most. Hence the major limitation of regular antioxidants is their ability to reach mitochondria, which leaves up to 95% of free radicals unchecked4,5, leading to stress and potential cell damage. With so many free radicals roaming free and causing cell stress, the health of your cells – and your body overall – can become compromised.

How MitoQ works

Why is MitoQ one of the most powerful antioxidants?

MitoQ is different because it can get into mitochondria. To help it cross the mitochondrial membrane in meaningful amounts, MitoQ’s special molecule is smaller than standard antioxidants and has an additional positive charge added, meaning it is able to specifically target mitochondria6. The positively-charged MitoQ is electrochemically pulled into the negatively-charged mitochondria in your body1. There, MitoQ becomes absorbed into the inner mitochondrial membrane where energy production occurs7. Once inside, it can fight cell stress at the source, helping to keep your mind and body healthy.

As MitoQ builds up in your cells, you may gradually start to notice some positive changes in your body. Research has shown that MitoQ supports athletic performance, recovery from exercise, cardiovascular health and, of course, that it significantly fights oxidative stress (the main cause of cell stress), meaning that it supports the 37 trillion building blocks that power your body.

What happens after MitoQ has done its job?

Once MitoQ is in your cells and neutralizes a free radical, it can be recycled back into its active form to work over and over again. This creates a positive ripple effect, supporting healthy, functioning cells and a healthy, functioning you!

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