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How are you feeling today? Are you stressed, energized, focused, tired? Are your muscles aching from yesterday’s workout? All of these things, from your energy levels to your organ health, can be linked to how your body is functioning at a cellular level.

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Your body is made up almost entirely of cells – and these cells are supported by mitochondria: tiny batteries that provide your cells within the energy they need to do their jobs. If your mitochondria are functioning at their best, your body’s cells are supported - which allows your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing to be at its best. This is where MitoQ comes in. MitoQ is a mitochondrial health supplement that can be taken to optimize your cells and support your overall health and wellbeing. If you’d like to gain a deeper understanding of MitoQ’s breakthrough cellular science, keep reading.

How do cells function within the human body?

Your entire body is made up of cells (around 37.2 trillion) that directly influence the health, structure and function of your body. If you want to have more energy, glowing skin, a well-functioning immune system or a quality night’s sleep, your cell health is an essential place to start. The natural aging process, and lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, alcohol consumption and smoking (just to name a few), are all things that can have an impact on the health of your cells. While aging is inevitable, there are some things we can do to support the health of our cells as we age – it all starts with taking care of our mitochondria.

What are mitochondria and how do they work?

Mitochondria are bean-shaped organelles that can be found within almost every cell within your body, except red blood cells. While they’re not very big, they are very important. Mitochondria convert the food you eat and the air you breathe into adenosine triphosphate (also known as ATP), an organic compound responsible for providing your cells with the energy they need to keep your body functioning. While this is the most important role of the mitochondria, it’s not their only function. They also regulate your body heat, send important signals within your cells and control the growth and destruction of your cells.

Why is CoQ10 important to cell health?

CoQ10 is an antioxidant that is naturally made by your mitochondria. Its purpose is to 1) support your body’s energy production process and 2) reduce free radical damage within your cells by forming a protective layer against the tough mitochondrial membrane. Free radicals are waste products that are formed during the ATP production process, and CoQ10 works to neutralize them before they do any damage. When the number of free radicals in the body outnumber CoQ10 levels, free radicals can escape: causing damage to your mitochondria and your cells (an occurrence known as oxidative stress). This can result in reduced energy and recovery, and can also accelerate the aging process.

How does aging affect cells?

As you age, your CoQ10 levels can naturally start to decline. While this is normal, it reduces your mitochondria’s ability to protect your cells from free radicals. As a result, oxidative stress symptoms – such as reduced energy and accelerated aging - become more likely. Unhealthy lifestyle factors such as your diet and alcohol consumption can also influence your chances of experiencing oxidative stress, while healthy lifestyle choices such as following a balanced diet and building good sleeping habits can help to support mitochondrial health. Unfortunately, experts haven’t been able to replicate a CoQ10 supplement that can effectively target and support mitochondrial health in meaningful doses – until now.

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What is cell stress?

You can’t have a healthy body without healthy cells – MitoQ combats cell stress, but what exactly is that?

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What is the difference between MitoQ and CoQ10?

There are various forms of CoQ10 on the market but what all standard CoQ10 supplements have in common is that they can’t enter the mitochondria in substantial doses. This is due to the mitochondria’s tough double membrane which provides a sturdy barrier between the mitochondria and external substances. MitoQ is different. Our supplement is attracted to mitochondria. It easily passes through the double membrane and it provides mitochondria with ample levels of CoQ10 so that they have the support they need to effectively energize your cells. MitoQ is a breakthrough formula that offers a revolutionary way to support your energy, health and vitality.

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Research shows that compared to CoQ10, MitoQ is:

Better absorption in cells, faster to reach peak concentration, stronger, more potent than CoQ10.

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How was MitoQ made?

Two scientists – biochemist Robin Smith and mitochondrial specialist Michael Murphy - developed MitoQ at New Zealand’s University of Otago in the 1990s. Curious about why antioxidant supplements such as CoQ10 weren’t having the desired effect, they worked in a lab trying to better understand the mitochondria. During their research, they discovered that existing CoQ10 supplements were too big to make their way into the mitochondria. As a result, they set about trying to create a new form of CoQ10. They produced MitoQ – an advanced form of CoQ10 featuring a positive charge that is drawn to the negatively charged mitochondria. They also made their CoQ10 molecule smaller, so that it could easily pass through the mitochondrial membrane. The result? A new, highly effective way to support your mitochondria in defending your cells against free radicals.

What is MitoQ used for?

MitoQ isn’t for any one person in particular. It’s taken by athletes, busy parents, entrepreneurs, active 70+-year-olds and everyday people looking to give their body as much support as possible. It’s a fantastic supplement to take if you’re a busy person wanting more energy and focus so that you can get the most out of life. It’s also a great supplement to add to your athletic toolkit if you’d like a little help with your performance and recovery. Basically, MitoQ is a simple yet innovative way to support all of the amazing things that your cells do to keep you moving, happy and healthy.

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How quickly does MitoQ work?

We recommend trialing MitoQ for at least three months to experience its effects. This is because much of your cell turnover occurs within this time. The cells within your skin, intestinal lining, taste buds and lungs all experience cell turnover within around a three-month timeframe. Whether you would like MitoQ to help with healthy skin cells, healthy brain cells or just your energy levels, the time it takes to make a noticeable difference will depend on your body’s cell turnover. To learn more about the cell activity that happens within a timeframe of 90+ days, read 90 days of cell activity.

Is MitoQ supported by research?

There are over 500 studies on MitoQ – many of which have been carried out by leading research institutions around the world. One study, carried out at the University of Colorado Boulder, found that MitoQ fights oxidative stress and supports the health of the aorta. Another study, published in the FASEB Journal, concluded that 6 weeks of MitoQ supplementation could effectively be used to improve leg extension power in healthy middle-aged and older adults. To read these studies (and more), visit our MitoQ Research Studies page.

Are there many MitoQ reviews available?

Our customers have called MitoQ a “total game-changer”, “absolutely necessary” and their “no.1 supplement”. Similarly, we work with many experts and ambassadors who can’t speak highly enough of MitoQ. Head over to our website’s MitoQ reviews section to see what other customers and experts are saying about MitoQ.

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Where can I buy MitoQ?

You can purchase any of our MitoQ products here, sign up for a subscription at our checkout or view our list of stockists to find some MitoQ near you. While many of our products include a few additional ingredients to support your needs, all of them contain our key ingredient: MitoQ.

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