Why ultra-runner & Moneythink co-founder Greg Nance takes MitoQ

Greg uses MitoQ as a tool to support his energy, rest and recovery – things that play an integral role in helping him to achieve some amazing goals.

ultra-runner & Moneythink co-founder Greg Nance

As a company, our main goal is to give people foundational support so that they have the energy and stamina to lead healthy, purpose-fuelled lives. That’s why we’re so thrilled when we hear stories from inspirational people like Greg Nance. Greg uses MitoQ as a tool to support his energy, rest and recovery – things that all play an integral role in helping him to achieve some pretty amazing goals.

Greg’s days are pretty jam-packed: he’s the co-founder and chairman of Moneythink and Dyad Mentorship: organizations that were inspired by Greg’s desire to pay it forward after mentors helped him to navigate his way to a college scholarship. His organizations help young people reach their dream of a college education, despite challenging financial situations.

Greg is also a passionate mental health advocate. In his youth, he struggled with depression and addiction – which he overcame with the support of a daily running routine, caring mentors – and a desire to one day run across America. Now ten years sober, he’s an ultrarunner with 18 fastest known time records. His next goal is to run from New York to Seattle in an effort to promote youth mental health while investigating America’s addiction epidemic.

We recently caught up with Greg to learn about what attracted him to MitoQ and how he uses it as a tool to power his energy and purpose in all of the areas of life that matter to him most.

ultra-runner Greg Nance

What motivated you to try MitoQ?

Greg: I was feeling really worn out from big mileage training weeks. My coach, endurance guru Reid Block, recommended we go back to the foundation and recommended MitoQ. I'm so glad he did!

How did you know MitoQ was working for you?

Greg: I wasn't sure what to expect and was a little skeptical getting started but three weeks in I started feeling a subtle boost. It's meant more productive afternoons without that second cup of coffee or resulting crash, and it's meant faster post-training recovery and deeper sleep too. I write in my journal each evening before bed, so it's fun to see the gradual ramp-up and feel the momentum building!

How does MitoQ help to power your purpose?

Greg: In ultra-running and in life, energy is everything! MitoQ has given me more energy for every facet of my life — from chasing Fastest Known Times to chasing my nieces in the backyard, to better focus at work during board meetings and in film prep sessions too. More energy has meant better mental health and more quality fam time too. I recommend MitoQ to friends because it's the fuel to power our purpose!

Learn more about Greg's mission at 1IN7Film.com or by connecting on Instagram @GregRunsFar

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