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MitoQ K2 Cycle 2021: A Race Full Of Mighty Moments

In the weeks leading up to this year’s MitoQ K2 Cycle race, participant and MitoQ Chief Marketing Officer John Marshall shared a video stating “it’s not for the faint-hearted.” He wasn’t wrong.
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How To Find Energy To Exercise If You’re A Busy Parent

If you’re a parent, you’re likely surviving on carefully monitored energy reserves. And while there are plenty of effective strategies to make it easier to plan exercise as a busy parent, scheduling gym sessions or staying active with your kids for...
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An Insider’s Guide To The GODZone Adventure Race

Described by the organizers as a race that will “test the mental and physical skills of participants”, GODZone is not for the faint of heart. This year’s GODZone, a multi-day adventure race, was held in New Zealand’s Rotorua thermal district and...
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Meet: Dr. Mark Menolascino

As an Integrative Physician and Internal Medicine Specialist, MitoQ advocate Dr. Mark Menolascino lives and breathes health. When he’s not supporting others with their wellbeing, he’s taking care of his own: participating in sports, outdoor...
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How I Build Resilience By Increasing Margins

MitoQ Ambassador, Nick Allen, works hard to practice resilience every day. He is constantly inspiring us with his positive outlook on life and can-do attitude, so we asked him to write about it. In part one we explored what resilience means to him...
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10 Tips For Balancing Work And Family Time

If you’re finding it difficult to balance your career and family life, you’re not alone. According to a 2015 survey, only 34% of full-time employees in the United States strongly believe they have a good work/life balance. While, for most of us, our...
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MitoQ Certifications And Accreditations

Whether you’re an athlete, a weekend warrior, or a busy parent – it’s important to know that the supplements you’re taking are trustworthy. At MitoQ, we don’t compromise on quality or reliability. That’s why our products are supported by hundreds of...
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Overcoming Challenges: Gary Hall Junior’s Guide

By Gary Hall Junior, 10 time Olympic medalist, prominent diabetes advocate and MitoQ ambassador.  We all get knocked off our horse in this rodeo called life. Despite best attempts to hold on, we eventually get thrown. I got bucked with a Type 1...
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Watch: NZ Cycling Project Takes On The Tour Of Southland

Everyone knows the Tour de France. That almost cultish event that has cycling enthusiasts all over the world glued to their televisions every European summer. Some are such big fans, they also follow the other big tours in Italy and Spain. Then...
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Coast to Coast 2021: Ryan Kiesanowski’s Resilient Ride to 3rd place

If you’re into multisport events, you’ll likely have heard of Coast to Coast. Held in the South Island of New Zealand, Coast to Coast is a multisport race that involves long-distance running, biking, and kayaking across the length of the South...
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