Gearing up for the New Year

If you’re looking to hit the ground running with that New Year’s resolution, a great place to start might be to think about how maintaining balance and optimizing performance within your body can...

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Power through the Festive Season with MitoQ

'Tis the Season to be Stress Free!

In need of some added energy to power through the holiday season? Recharge with our favorite products to stay energized, revitalized, motivated. 

Did we mention...

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Bupa Names MitoQ One of Their Top Smart Supplements

Our friends at Bupa recently published an article focusing on smart supplements for over-60s. We were humbled they included MitoQ in their list for its unique ability to support cardiovascular...

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Slow Your Aging With A Mediterranean Diet and MitoQ

Six new studies published in The Journals of Gerontology, Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical Sciences found that eating a Mediterranean diet may help slow aging.

A Mediterranean diet is...

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Fill Up On The Big Nine Antioxidants

Antioxidants are amazing little helpers - they promote healthy cells and a healthy heart, but also help support your memory, joints, muscle recovery, eyesight and skin.

If you're not familiar with...

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Mitochondria at the forefront of cutting edge cancer research

Kiwi and Australian scientists have recently published some research findings in the major journal Cell Metabolism unveiling how understanding the Mitochondrial function could open new pathways in...

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Mitochondria vs Life-threatening Bacteria. Who Will Win?

Mitochondria are not often associated with fighting life-threatening diseases. As humans learn more about the importance of their mitochondria, there is a growing breadth of evidence just how...

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MitoQ featured in Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine

Our Advanced Skincare range was recently featured in Global Cosmetic Industry Magazine. Their glowing review of our products talked about the significant impact the products could have in the...

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MitoQ announces Lorraine Downes as new brand ambassador

New Zealand supplement and skincare company MitoQ is excited to announce a partnership with beloved Kiwi Lorraine Downes, who will become one of the key ambassadors for MitoQ in New Zealand.

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MitoQ Wins Double Honors at the 2018 Aesthetic Everything Awards.

We are excited to announce that the Annual Aesthetic Everything Awards took place overnight and MitoQ was lucky enough to take out two prestigious Awards.

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The Truth About Octadecenediotic Acid

Don’t be put off by all the syllables in octadecenedioic acid. Or the fact that you’ve never heard of it. It is a very interesting skincare ingredient that can treat hyperpigmentation while being...

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Looking For More Energy? 12 Ways To Get A Boost.

We all know that a good diet and plenty of exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy life, but sometimes it's hard to have the energy to get up and go. Here are 12 ways to increase your...

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