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True Or False: The Science Behind 7 ‘Superfoods’

What is a superfood? In short, it’s a healthy food that packs some serious nutritional punch – that's the idea, anyway. But, quite often, ‘superfood’ ingredients are surrounded by controversy: it’s not uncommon to read one article claiming an...
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“This result is massive for any athlete”: A Pro Cyclist On MitoQ’s Latest Research Findings

On the 21st of August, the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition published the findings of a human trial that investigated how MitoQ affected the performance of trained male cyclists. The researchers found that cyclists who took...
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MitoQ Clinical Trial – MitoQ Improves Cycling Performance

With over 20 years of research and 500+ published studies on MitoQ, we’re always excited to announce the latest MitoQ health discoveries. If you’re an avid cyclist with an interest in increasing your performance, this recent study on MitoQ will...
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What Is Cell Stress?

You can’t have a healthy body without healthy cells – MitoQ combats cell stress, but what exactly is that? Did you know that you are almost entirely made up of cells? In fact, you are made up of around 37 trillion of them – pretty mindblowing stuff!...
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Why Do We Get Mental Fatigue?

Mental fatigue can occur for several reasons. You might need to catch up on sleep, maybe you’ve had a stressful few months or perhaps your lifestyle could do with a few changes. Mental fatigue can also be the result of more serious issues such as a...
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6 Steps For A Healthy Heart

Your heart is a pretty amazing organ. It carries oxygen and nutrients around your body – keeping you moving and functioning on a day-to-day basis. But as the powerhouse of your body, it needs a lot of energy – which means it relies on LOTS of...
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We Can’t Tell You About Some Of MitoQ’s Research: Here’s Why

If you’ve done your research on MitoQ, you’ll know that we have 500+ studies behind us and 10 clinical trials (and counting). You might also have noticed that we don’t promote or discuss the majority of these studies online – despite most of them...
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5 Reasons Why Dogs Are Great For Your Wellbeing

Fun fact: did you know that dog cells have up to 70% more mitochondria per cell than human cells do? This makes them incredible endurance athletes - and great exercise buddies! At MitoQ, we love dogs (we frequently enjoy “bring your dog to work...
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How Rose Wetzel Finds The Energy To Be A Mom, Athlete & Superwoman

If you haven’t heard of obstacle course racer Rose Wetzel, this photo she recently posted on her Instagram account provides a pretty accurate introduction. With one arm, she holds up her daughter Taylor and, with the other, a gold trophy from yet...
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Longevity Supplements: What Are They & How Do They Work

The scientific community has been chasing the ideology of immortality and ways to extend the human lifespan. In 2020 the average life expectancy in the United States was 77.8 years old. While this represents an average in the U.S., more and more...
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