5 Ways Tracy Anderson Gets A Good Work/Life Balance

Tracy Anderson is no stranger to living life on the go. As a fitness pioneer, entrepreneur, author and mother of two – she has plenty of experience in building routines that allow her to maintain her health, her business, her family life and her friendships. We recently caught up with Tracy to find out how she manages to fit all of her priorities into a day – and how you can too!

1. Going to bed early = waking up early

“I wake up at 7am on weekdays,” says Tracy. “I used to be a night owl and could sleep in, but now I go to bed earlier and get up earlier. First thing in the morning, I like to open up the windows, look out and smell the fresh air. Especially during times when the weather is in transition, like spring. Then, coffee. I drink a cup of coffee with a very little bit of organic, warm foamy whole milk each morning. One of my favorite things to do is to sit outside and read in my rocking chair with my coffee. I love to read educational materials, analyses of literature, research or poetry. My favorite time to work out is 9am, with only coffee in my system.”

2. Schedule family time throughout your workday

“I love snuggling in the morning, so naturally, the first thing I do in the morning is snuggle my fiancé, my kids and my dogs! I enjoy every aspect of parenting – the play, the exploration, the conversation and the quiet activities you do with kids.

“My family is always a part of my day. Even during a workday, I can stop and go outside, tell a story or spend time with my kids. I try to do something outside/active with my kids every single day – whether it’s a hike, a swim in the pool or riding go-carts around the property. Work is important, but at the end of the day, if I’m in a meeting and Penny (my youngest) needs me, I’m going to step out of the meeting to help her.

“Our schedules are busy – and since I have a 22-year-old and an elementary school-aged child, sometimes our calendars don’t align for every meal. During the day, we eat when we’re hungry – I always keep a lot of options out, whether it’s leftovers from the night before or fruits and vegetables or snacks – there’s always something for everyone, depending on how hungry they are. However, I always make it a priority to eat dinner as a family each night.”


3. Support your body through good food and supplementation

“I take MitoQ around 11am – I take the 5mg “core” MitoQ. MitoQ helps maintain the energy I need to get through all the activities I do each day – for my business, for my role as mom and for myself. During my period, I used to feel a big dip in my energy levels. Since I started taking MitoQ, I don’t notice that “dip” anymore. Also, my skin has been noticeably clearer.

“I like variety in my breakfasts, so I switch it up, depending on what I am in the mood for. There’s an organic granola that I am obsessed with right now, so I’ve been having that for the past few days. Sometimes I like an egg-white veggie omelet or greens with eggs. Other days I like oatmeal with honey.

“I make an effort to chop and enjoy a big salad every day - whether it’s for lunch or dinner.

“And, even though water is a big priority for me, I have to remind myself to drink enough each day. But that is definitely a must-have.”

4. Adjust your schedule around your priorities

“Every woman that I know is smart enough to adjust their schedule to accommodate what is most important to them. Women are so resourceful and great at multitasking. So, it’s about the design of your life and your core values. If your core values make you trust the science and believe in the benefits of exercise for optimizing overall health, and if being healthy for your kids and family is a priority, then you’re going to find the time to exercise. The tip is that you have to value it.”

5. Remember: it’s OK to say NO!

“The biggest thing I’m doing currently to make sure I balance everything is to say “no” more often, particularly if I know I don’t have time to do something. The first several years of starting and running my own business, it took a while for me to say no to things. In a way, I wanted to prove to everyone that I could literally do it all. And we, as women, are busy juggling multiple things at once, every day, all year round.

“But what I have realized is that you can nurture the relationships that are outside your job and still be successful. The friends, family members and others that rely on you deserve your attention just as much as your job – and it is possible and important to balance those priorities as well.

“You can be a person who balances everything by honing in on your specific skills. If you become really good at your skill (whatever that is), you can allow yourself more freedom to prioritize other areas of your life (and not be as busy or reactive).

“I’ve worked really hard to be in the position I’m in and I’m grateful for everything I’ve built and have become. So now I am realizing that I have the right to say when and how I do things. And I don’t need to apologize anymore for not replying to an email in 30 minutes.

“No amount of money or success is worth it if you cannot tend to your family, or your children don’t feel like you’re there for them. It’s OK to say no – and to prioritize yourself, your family and other things in life that are important.”


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