The Amazing Health Benefits Of Raspberries

Not only do raspberries support your health in amazing ways, they also help to balance your mitochondria, the energy source of your cells.

When your diet is unbalanced by too much sugar and refined carbohydrates it overloads your mitochondria and puts them under stress. But everyone loves a treat, right? And that’s where one of nature’s sweetest gifts comes to the rescue, berries – which just happen to be wonderfully good for you too.


We love berries here at MitoQ (we’ve recently done a lot of research into the bilberry, a blueberry-like super fruit which is in our new MitoQ Eye Supplement), and one that’s particularly piquing our interest right now is the raspberry; sweet, tart and red, these berries are not only beautiful and delicious, but have multiple health benefits. They contain more vitamin C than an orange and they are rich in antioxidants. Adding them to your diet is a great way to support your mitochondrial health. Here we outline the impressive credentials of the small but mighty raspberry:

Heart health:

Raspberries are rich in flavonoids, in particular a flavonoid called anthocyanin, which research has shown helps suppress the inflammation that can lead to cardiovascular  disease. The potassium present in raspberries also supports heart health.

Cancer prevention:

The powerful phytonutrients in raspberries decrease oxidative stress, reducing inflammation in the body, which has been shown to help slow or ward off many types of cancer, including colon, prostate, breast and oral cancers.


Weight loss:

One cup of raspberries has just 64 calories and eight grams of fibre – meaning they’re a filling, low-calorie snack choice that can satisfy a sweet tooth. The dietary fibre and manganese content in raspberries also keep you fuller for longer by slowing the digestive process.

Clear vision:

The high levels of vitamin C in raspberries help provide protection again UV light damage. Micronutrients in raspberries also safeguard the membranes of the eyes that help clean and protect them.

Immunity boosters:

With such a high vitamin C content, raspberries are a great choice to support immunity, warding again infection and illness.

Healthy skin: 

The antioxidants and ellagic acid in raspberries are the skin’s best friends, helping to rejuvenate it and repair damaged tissue.

Of course fresh is best, but buying them frozen can be an economical way of having them all year round. So, add raspberries to your cart next time you go shopping. 


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