5 Top Tips To Get More Exercise

With all the stresses and pressures of modern life it can be easy to throw in the towel on exercising and spend our spare time relaxing on the couch with Netflix. Read our five simple tips to help you increase the amount of exercise you do each day and achieve your fitness goals.

Exercise in nature

With all the stresses and pressures of modern life it can be easy to throw in the towel on exercising and spend our spare time relaxing on the couch with Netflix. Dr. Russell Pate, recently said: “Building physical activity back into our daily lives is one of the great public health challenges of this century.”

But what can we do to help us get our quota of exercise each day?

Tip 1. Trade the pub for the park

Instead of meeting friends for Happy Hour after work, how about meeting friends for a 30-minute walk or playing a social sport at your local park? This is also a great way to get your heart rate up by socializing in a different way! Another way to increase the amount of activity you do each day is to challenge yourself to go outside and play tag or shoot baskets with your family and friends after dinner in the evening.

Tip 2. Take the long way around

This is a super simple tip but it really works. When you get to work, take the stairs not the lift. You could also try parking a bit further away to increase your number of steps each day.

Tip 3. Ditch the trolley

Next time you go grocery shopping, ditch the trolley. If you only need a few items, try carrying your groceries instead. In each hand carry a heavy object whilst keeping your shoulders back, chest up and back straight. If done properly, this can condition your arms, legs and core and even help you burn fat! This is a great reason to abandon the online shop and occasionally carry a week’s worth of sweet potatoes and meat home or as far as the car park.

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Tip 4. Email less and walk more

Try emailing and calling less to increase your number of daily steps within the office. Take a micro-pause and get up from your desk to go and directly speak to your co-workers. Usually, you will get a lot more accomplished in a quick in-person meeting plus as a bonus you can burn a few calories on the way. Try walking around or standing up when you talk on the phone as well. It might not seem like a lot of activity, but both small steps combined can equal big gains when they're continued throughout the day.

Tip 5. Keep your tracking on track

One great tool is to wear a pedometer or another wearable technology and strive for 10,000 steps a day. Tracking your steps and aiming for small increases each day is a fantastic way to measure your progress and slowly increase your level of fitness. You could further motivate yourself by creating a friendly competition with a friend as an added incentive for more daily steps!

The combination of a balanced, nutritious diet and regular exercise is a winning strategy for long-term health and happiness. The key is to find out what works for you, what you enjoy doing, and stick to it!

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