A Man’s Guide to Healthy, Happy Skin

For many men, skincare equates to nothing more than a generous application of aftershave following a good working over with a razor.  The best approach is to adopt an inside-out, outside-in approach to caring for it.

Often, the mere mention of the word skincare elicits in the male mind notions of having to sit through a twice daily ritual of applying one form of cream, gel or lotion after another accompanied by a mind boggling amount of patting, slapping, pinching and tapping. Now, as a man, whilst it is not imperative to put yourself through a barrage of beauty treatments borrowed from the fairer sex, it is important to give your skin the care and attention it deserves.

The inside-out approach to skincare equates to applying two simple yet potent principles. The first is to keep well-hydrated by drinking plenty of clean water and avoiding over-indulging in sugary, highly-caffeinated or alcoholic drinks. Also, incorporating green tea into your diet will not only help you boost your metabolism but will allow your skin to profit from its anti-inflammatory and cell protecting properties. The second is to consume healthy skin foods. As mentioned in the previous blogs, carrots, berries, salmon and nuts should all be on the diet list.

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One or two tablespoons of high quality extra pressed, cold pressed or virgin olive oil will help your skin retain a natural, well lubricated, healthy sheen. And lastly, why not throw some sunflower seeds in with your muesli in the mornings? By doing this you will be feeding your skin with one of the best sources of vitamin E available anywhere.

The outside-in approach is all about protecting and nourishing your skin from the outside. When it comes to spending time in the sun, all that is called for is a healthy dollop of common sense and the adequate application of a good quality sunscreen. It is actually healthy to spend time in the sun, to ensure your skin gets its fill of vitamin D. In fact leading a ‘twilight’ inspired life actually increases your chances of developing colon cancer, prostate cancer and heart disease due to diminished levels of vitamin D. The skincare regimen you adopt will largely depend on the type of skin you have. For example those with dry skin need to supplement the lack of moisture by applying a good moisturizer whereas oily skin requires a gentler approach to washing the skin as well as using moisturizers that are very low in oil content.

Finally, ensuring that you get enough rest and lead a healthy, active lifestyle is the final facet in promoting a healthy, vibrant skin that will ensure you age optimally with a skin that looks and feels great.

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Maintaining a healthy, lively, skin doesn’t have to involve prancing about the house in lime green face packs with cucumber eyes or spending a good portion of each morning and night lathering yourself with a sea of lotions and oils. Simply eating the right foods, staying hydrated, leading a healthy and active lifestyle and being sun savvy are all it takes. Of course embracing the skin rejuvenating power of a revolutionary skincare product that targets your cells at the deepest level possible can’t hurt either.

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