Can Living in a Big City Affect Your Skin?

Last Updated: April 29, 2019 | 2 minute read

Can living in the city effect your skin? The answer is resoundingly ... YES! In the summer time pollution can become an issue for more than your lungs — it can also damage your skin too. The more pollution you are exposed to the greater the risk that  you will damage your skin, accelerate the signs of ageing and develop symptoms like dark spots.

One solution is to move to the country to maintain your glow and youth, but for those that cant there are things you can do to help minimize and protect from the harmful effects of pollution on your skin. You know to apply sunscreen daily to protect your skin from the sun and most people stop there. For best results and as a long term skincare strategy you should also apply a daily “antioxidant screen” to protect your skin from the harmful effects of exposure of pollutants in your environment.

Antioxidants in your skincare can act as a shield against environmental aggressors like pollution, UV rays, extreme temperatures and even stress.

MitoQ® contains contains the most effective biological antioxidant ever created to rejuvenate skin cells and restore collagen and elastin production to youthful levels giving you firmer, brighter, younger looking skin. Your fine lines disappear, blemishes fade and your skin will feel healthier.

How to Protect Your Skin from Pollution

  • Apply an antioxidant serum before you apply an SPF to create a shield against dirty air and other skin agers.
  • Wash your face before bed and repair daytime damage with a moisturizing night cream like MitoQ
  • Exfoliate skin once every week or two. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin radiant and smooth. Whether it's bikini season or you just want soft, clean skin, exfoliating your skin from head to toe will get you glowing.

Practicing these advices will help counteracting the harsk effects of air pollution on skin.

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