Coenzyme Q10 - What It Is, How It Works and Next Generation MitoQ

Coenzyme Q10 has played a significant role in the management of a full range of health conditions for decades, but it is the transformative effect it has on aging skin that has caught the skincare industry’s attention of late.

Just what is CoQ10?

CoQ10 is a very important, naturally occurring nutrient that every cell in the body requires in order to produce energy. The simplest way to understand just how CoQ10 functions is to think of the cell as a little engine, which uses oxygen to burn the organic fuel that comes from the food we consume. CoQ10 is the part of the engine that provides the spark for this whole process to take place. Under perfect conditions, the body is able to produce as much CoQ10 as it needs but as we age our bodies become less able of producing sufficient amounts of CoQ10 to effectively cope with the aging process. As a result, the ability of our cells to withstand stress and regenerate declines, leading to skin that no longer has the ability to repair and rejuvenate itself.

How does CoQ10 help my skin?

CoQ10 fulfills two very important functions in promoting and maintaining youthful and radiant skin. First, it plays a vital role in supplying the energy required for the production collagen (which gives skin its strength), elastin (which gives skin its elasticity) and GAG’s (which help the skin to retain moisture).

Second, CoQ10 acts as a powerful and highly effective antioxidant. It does so by protecting the cell from the complexion crushing damage caused by free radicals which occur so prevalently in the skin due to its constant exposure to a ceaseless bombardment of harmful environmental factors.

Simply put, cells with an ample supply of CoQ10 are better able to generate the energy necessary to repair and rejuvenate itself as well as ward off the constant onslaught of free radicals. This all equates to skin that is firm, soft and supple – all the hallmarks of a beautiful complexion.

How to do I give my skin all the CoQ10 it needs?

In a word – MitoQ. Dubbed the ‘next generation in CoQ10’, MitoQ is a patented and scientifically validated ‘super’ version of the co-enzyme Q10. The reason why the skincare industry is abuzz about this so called ‘revolution’ in CoQ10 delivery technology is because MitoQ has actually pioneered a way to effectively deliver CoQ10 at 1000 times the concentration of current CoQ10 supplements directly to the mitochondria (the energy center of the cell). What this means is that the cells in the skin become far more effective at producing the energy required to manufacture collagen and elastin as well as to neutralize and guard against free radicals, thereby restoring your skin to its naturally youthful, vibrant state of health.

Acting as both an essential nutrient in energy production as well as a potent antioxidant, Coenzyme Q10 is essential for ensuring that skin remains resilient to the unwanted effects of aging. MitoQ has taken CoQ10 to the next level by scientifically formulating a topical cream that is able to penetrate to the level of the mitochondria (something no other formulation is able to do). The result is markedly stronger, healthier and younger-looking skin that better able to naturally rejuvenate itself.

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