Empowering Your Mitochondria- Part 3/3

So to recap what we have learnt so far- If you can improve your mitochondrial function, then you may be able to reduce or reverse some symptoms of neurodegeneration by improving the energy available to your neurons. This allows your neurons to perform their functions properly, slows free radical leakage into your cells, and reduces the daily wear and tear caused by oxidative stress.

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So how do we improve mitochondrial function?

When your mitochondria are functioning optimally, your cells get all the energy they need and will start to act young again, and in many cases—because cells are self-repairing—you will see a reversal in the effects of damage on the cell. You may notice an improvement in strength and energy, and a sharper mental focus as your whole body starts to feel and react to the increase in available energy.

Improving mitochondrial function is something that anyone can do at any time of their life with a few simple steps. All the things that you associate with being good for your health—a good diet, exercise and having a healthy environment—are very important for keeping your mitochondria acting like they did when you were young.

But it’s important to note that even if you look after your mitochondria through a healthy diet and exercise, they do still decline naturally as you age.

This is why taking a supplement that actively supports mitochondrial function is a very good strategy to help you stay younger and feel healthier for longer; and may support normal neurological health.

Mitochondria-targeted antioxidants are a new type of antioxidant.

Able to deliver a payload of free radical defense directly into your mitochondria. Discovered and developed at Otago University (Dunedin, New Zealand), they are considered to be a significant advance in reducing oxidative stress

Until this discovery, no-one had been able to restore the antioxidant defense system in our mitochondria in a meaningful way.

This is because the membrane surrounding mitochondria is very impermeable to most substances. Many antioxidant supplements are simply not able to get to where they need to be—inside the mitochondria, inside your cells.

MitoQ is created

When the researchers at Otago University identified a way to target mitochondria with antioxidants, they looked carefully to identify the most important antioxidant within our mitochondria. That antioxidant was CoQ10, “MitoQ” is a mitochondria-targeted form of this very popular supplement.

MitoQ accumulates inside your mitochondria hundreds of times more effectively than all other forms of CoQ10 supplements.

MitoQ accumulates inside the cellOver the last decade, MitoQ has been studied by researchers all around the world as they look to understand what happens when you  support  mitochondrial function and help reduce oxidative stress in various models of  health conditions  and aging, including many common neurological disorders.

To date, more than $60 million of research has been conducted, and over 400 peer-reviewed papers have been published, investigating MitoQ’s effects.

Alongside regular exercise and a healthy diet, MitoQ has helped thousands of people needing neurological support to empower their mitochondria, and live happier and more active lives.

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