Fasting Can Boost Health And Increase Lifespan

There’s been a lot said about fasting and its benefits in the media of late, in particular the healing it can provide for many troubled with weight-loss issues and endocrine imbalances. Some of the research supporting this is compelling, with even more good news from a recent study regarding its impact on longevity. 

According to a study published online in Cell Metabolism, a team of researchers at Harvard University have demonstrated how dietary restriction has the potential to increase a person’s lifespan

“Although previous work has shown how intermittent fasting can slow aging, we are only beginning to understand the underlying biology,” said William Mair, senior author on the study. 

Some of the conclusions of the study were that fasting in this way could improve the overall health of an individual, achieved by the changing activity of mitochondrial networks within cells. The researchers observed that homeostasis in mitochondrial networks was promoted by a restricted diet, which allows for a healthy plasticity between the fused and fragmented states of mitochondria.  

“Our work shows how crucial the plasticity of mitochondria networks is for the benefits of fasting. If we lock mitochondria in one state, we completely block the effects of fasting or dietary restriction on longevity,” said Mair.


Low-energy conditions such as dietary restriction and intermittent fasting have previously been shown to promote healthy aging. Understanding why this is the case is a crucial step toward being able to harness the benefits therapeutically,said Heather Weir, lead author of the study. “Our findings open up new avenues in the search for therapeutic strategies that will reduce our likelihood of developing age-related diseases as we get older.”

Why does mitochondrial health matter?

Click the button below to read an interview with co-inventor of MitoQ and a leading mitochondria researcher, Mike Murphy, Ph.D.  on 'Why Mitochondrial Health Matter's'. He discusses his thoughts on how diet and fasting is important in keeping your mitochondrial health at it's peak.

Why your mitochondrial health matters

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