How Does CoQ10 Aid Beautifully Healthy Skin?

Our skin is a very complex biological membrane. Our skin is a living, breathing part of our body that has the ability to regenerate and repair itself. The full mechanism of our skin is a very complex inter-related system, but in every person it largely consists of two key proteins – the protein elastin, a spring like protein that gives our skin its elasticity, and the protein collagen, a fiber like protein that gives our skin its strength. These proteins are the building blocks of our skin and when they become damaged, our skin suffers, the result being tired, inelastic skin and most unfortunately, wrinkles.

Tired skin is obviously the last thing anyone wants so keeping our elastin and our collagen in good condition is paramount. Luckily the coenzyme q10 is here to help. Coenzyme q10, or just q10 for short, is a naturally occurring molecule, found in large quantities in our mitochondria (the engine of our cells) that protects elastin and collagen.  So how does it protect elastin and collagen and what is it protecting them from?

MitoQ Elastin and Collagen

The enemies of elastin and collagen are free radicals, electron hungry molecules that attack proteins causing them to lose shape. When free radicals come into contact with collagen or elastin proteins, they ‘steal’ electrons changing the shape of the protein, once out of shape, it can no longer serve it’s purpose - shape is everything. As we age, and as free radicals take their toll on the collagen and elastin in our skin, our skin loses its elasticity and it’s strength. Free radicals do unfortunately exist naturally within our body as a waste product of our metabolic system, but their concentrations are also increased by environmental factors such as UV, radiation, pollution, smoking and poor diet.

Luckily our mitochondria have high concentrations of Coq10, which is a strong antioxidant. CoQ10 seeks out and neutralizes free radicals, reducing their concentrations and minimizing their effect on collagen and elastin in the skin. Without molecules like Coq10 our skin would dramatically degrade. The levels ofCoq10 in a person a highest in childhood and reduce with age, this drop in concentration of antioxidants like Coq10 is one of the leading causes of aging skin. However, Coq10 can be replenished.


Keeping a healthy diet of anti-oxidant rich fruit as well as using moisturizers, creams and lotions containing Coq10 can significantly increase it’s natural concentrations helping your skin to fight free radicals and remain young, elastic and strong. Recently, a new discovery has also helped in the fight of free-radicals – MitoQ – a highly advanced form of Coq10 which delivers directly to the mitochondria where it is needed the most.

Your skin and MitoQ

The best thing about Coq10 is that it works and helps to keeps our skin healthy and younger looking. By supplementing our natural levels with MitoQ, we can support continuous production of keep our collagen and elastin in perfect shape leading to firmer and more elastic, younger looking skin.

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Reviewed by: Asha Hira/ BPharm

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