Inflammaging: The Birth Of A New Word

There’s a new term being banded around in the medical world: “Inflammaging”. This portmanteau is a blend of the words inflammation and aging and reflects the long-lasting, low-grade inflammation that scientists have documented in older people.

Learn it now, as it’s set to gain popularity with time. Not only is it associated with older age, it’s also a common factor in several chronic diseases such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart and lung disease, cancer, osteoporosis, arthritis, and dementia. And with inflammaging comes oxidative stress.

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What research is there in Inflammaging?

A review, published in Clinical Epigenetics, summarizes current knowledge of Inflammaging and the rapidly growing field of Nutritional Epigenomic Research – or how food alters cells.

Because despite eating food for over 200,000 years, we know very little of the role diet plays in both the development and prevention of age-related diseases. Research has already shown that phytochemicals from plants and several nutrients can stem inflammaging, creating more stable systems within our body and preventing cellular damage. But there is still a lot we don’t know, and this article takes us on a journey into this exciting new field of research.

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