Searching for Yesterday: Do Anti-Ageing Serums Really Work?

In a world where youth and beauty are highly valued, how easy is it to stay looking your best over the years? There has never been more available to help us to keep that youthful, vibrant glow we had in our younger days.

Keeping to a good diet, healthy levels of exercise, being sensible about exposure to the elements and using a good cosmetic treatment for your skin will keep your skin supple and healthy.

It is often said that beauty is only skin deep, but in the case of anti-ageing serums, this is not necessarily true. To be really effective and produce the results that people want when they are using these creams, the active ingredients need to penetrate the skin and work into the cells that have been damaged over time.

Vitamin D, vitamin Q, collagen, elastin, retinoids, shea butter and plant oils are all known to help maintain a healthy skin. While a moisturiser works by keeping your skin hydrated from the outside, a bit like dew on a rose, the active ingredients are the ones that penetrate below the epidermis and actually protect the cells of your body from damaging effects of time.

Choosing a good product with the right ingredients for your skin is as important as using the product; depending on people’s skin type and the activities they are involved in, they may need completely different skin care routines. Generally, a good moisturiser with an SPF factor of 30+ is recommended for daytime, with a heavier cream at night particularly if your skin is dry.

Before considering an anti-ageing serum, think about what you want to achieve. The lines and changes in our face hold the story of our life. Do we want to look twenty forever? We certainly want to keep our skin healthy and fresh, and we can’t turn back the clock, but like a fine wine, our skin can mature gracefully and improve with age!

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