MitoQ as seen in MiNDFOOD October

Even if you have a healthy diet and exercise regime, balancing blood sugar levels can become a challenge, especially with age. Maintaining the balance is essential if you want to avoid oxidative damage to cells, organs and the vascular system; weight management issues; and a raft of other ongoing health problems.


Your blood sugar levels have an impact on an incredible number of things in your life, from your energy levels and mental clarity to your ability to manage your weight, brain performance, mood and much more.

Factors that can contribute to imbalance include poor dietary choices – in particular a diet high in alcohol and re ned sugars – and irregular eating habits, stress and nutrient de ciencies, amongst others.

By maintaining balanced blood sugar levels, you can reduce oxidative damage to the cells and mitochondria that may lead to many longer-term health issues if left unaddressed.

One of the fastest ways to support this balance and repair oxidative damage is with the breakthrough formula MitoQ Blood Sugar, designed to reduce oxidative damage, and support natural sugar metabolism, healthy insulin levels, weight management and organ health.

Formulated with chromium, cinnamon and zinc, MitoQ Blood Sugar contains the original MitoQ, a mitochondrial-targeted antioxidant to protect mitochondrial membranes from free-radical damage.
An antioxidant developed by biochemists by fusing a molecule with ubiquione (also known as CoQ10), MitoQ has the added bene t of being 847 times more powerful than ubiquione on its own, which results in a more targeted and effective response to the oxidative stress placed on the body by unbalanced blood sugar levels.

Researchers from around the globe have found in ongoing tests that MitoQ delivers targeted support for sugar balance, reducing oxidative damage so that mitochondria, cells, organs and
the vascular system can function optimally. Repairing oxidative damage in turn helps to support the function of organs such as the heart, pancreas, liver, kidneys, brain, eyes and the circulatory system. Researchers have also found that MitoQ is able to support normal blood sugar and glucose metabolism on an ongoing basis.

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