How Well are Your Batteries Performing?

Last Updated: July 7, 2019 | 2 minute read

Imagine if you will, that we all ran on batteries.  The sort of batteries that you find in cell phones. You would plug yourself in each night to recharge your batteries so that you had enough energy to get through the next day.

Now imagine the efficiency of a new cell phone battery that recharges quickly to 100% and runs all day and all night but over time, as the battery ages, you notice that things don't run so well, the charging takes longer and the charge doesn't last as long.

The reality is that we do run on batteries

Tiny batteries called mitochondria that sit in every cell in our body. Mitochondria convert the food we eat and the oxygen we breathe into the chemical energy our cells need to run.


For most of us mitochondria run at 100% until around the age of 20 and at that point of "peak energy" they gradually decline and are not able to deliver all the energy our cells need. Its not noticeable at first but we start to experience the symptoms of energy reduction between the ages of 30 and 40. These symptoms include our skin visibly starting to age, we don’t have the energy to work as hard and we experience slower recovery from injuries.

Until now there has been no respite from the gradual energy decline we experience as we age.

MitoQ is a ground breaking new skincare and supplement range that, over the last decade of scientific research, has been shown to restore our cellular batteries and assist cellular energy levels. It does so by supporting mitochondrial function. This halts and even reverses the energy decline and our cells get the energy they need. 


When we have plenty of energy our cells are able to repair damage and run optimally. This means more elastin and collagen production in skin cells, it means our organs can do their jobs more effectively and it means we get back the feeling of energy we experience when we are younger.

MitoQ can assist with overall health and wellness and give your skin that younger more beautiful look that is associated with vibrant youthful good health.

Our Science CTAWe're on a mission to educate everyone about the importance of taking care of your mitochondrial health.

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