MitoQ New York Launch

Last week, model/actress Molly Sims was the guest of honour at a media luncheon hosted by MitoQ at the exclusive Catch restaurant in New York City. The event was attended by press from prestigious publications such as Life & Style magazine, Yahoo Beauty, Dujour, The Oprah Magazine and many more.


MitoQ CEO Greg Macpherson kicked off the event by introducing the MitoQ company and explaining how their revolutionary mitochondrial-targeting technology is supporting health outcomes and the effects of aging. By specifically targeting mitochondria, the energy-producing powerhouses of our cells, MitoQ can fight free radicals right at the source of their production. This is crucial as the oxidative damage that can be caused by excess free radicals has been linked to hundreds of different health issues, and is suspected to be a major contributor to the aging process itself. MitoQ is the world’s only available mitochondria-targeted CoQ10 antioxidant, so truly sits in a place of its own at the top of the health and beauty space.

MitoQ CEO Greg Macpherson


Next to speak was Dr. Susanne Bennett, CEO of the Wellness For Life Center in Santa Monica, California. Dr. Bennett is an internationally recognized natural and integrative medicine expert with over 27 years of clinical experience in the fields of allergies, clinical nutrition and anti-aging medicine, and is a long-time advocate of MitoQ

MitoQ Dr Susanne Bennett

MitoQ Marta Wöhrle.

Also speaking at the event was Marta Wöhrle. Marta is the founder of Truth In Aging (, a large community of women who test beauty products and provide truthful, unbiased reviews. The Truth in Aging community discovered MitoQ several years ago, and the MitoQ supplements and advanced skincare range are amongst their most popular and successful products. Other than the stunning results they have experienced with the products, the community is particularly impressed by the scientific backing and extensive research behind MitoQ. It is so popular in fact, that the community has voted MitoQ as the best product two years running.

MitoQ New York Launch

MitoQ New York Launch

MitoQ New York Launch

Following an extensive media Q&A session and amazing lunch from the team at Catch, the event finished as yet another success for the rising star in the wellness and beauty world, MitoQ.

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