MitoQ – The Next Generation of Coenzyme Q10

Last Updated: August 6, 2018 | 2 minute read

Coenzyme Q10 was first observed in the 1950’s as a key anti-oxidant molecule in the body’s fight against free radicals, the electron hungry molecules that cause protein degradation and ageing. Since its discovery, Q10 has been used worldwide in health supplements for help with a wide range of medical conditions. The core benefit of supplementing coenzyme Q10 is increasing the natural concentration of the molecule in the mitochondria, the ‘power plant’ that exists in every cell. Using coenzyme Q10 in this way makes cells healthier, keeps them healthier, and leads to better cell repair and growth. Fast forward to today and we have MitoQ that has begun to appear in anti-aging creams and capsules that target the mitochondria of skin and other organs.

MitoQ is a new formulation of supplementary coenzyme Q10 and has been heralded as the first foray into delivering anti-oxidants directly to an intracellular region. Translated into non-scientific English, this means that MitoQ doesn’t just reach your cells; it actually targets the tiny mitochondria inside the cell where it is needed the most. This targeted approach results in a much better uptake of the coenzyme Q10. According to Dr Rob Smith and Dr Michael Murphy, the scientists behind the breakthrough, the results show that this  “super” version of Q10 accumulates in the mitochondria at 1000 times the concentration of current Qq10 supplements.


One thousand times the concentration of standard Q10 supplements is a phenomenal increase that is convincing in itself, but putting it into a different context really shows what a breakthrough this is. Imagine that instead of working 1000 hours in your job, you could target your work so well that you could do everything in just one hour? Well, this is what MitoQ does; it delivers Q10 to your mitochondria with 1000x the efficiency.

As we age and as our cells become damaged from free radicals, our natural levels of Q10 diminish. This is a natural fact of ageing. Using Q10 has been proven to increase the performance of our cells and protects them from damage. Now with MitoQ the concentration of Q10 in mitochondria can be increased to levels not possible with standard Q10 supplements.

MitoQ is definitely the next generation of coenzyme Q10 supplements, providing the most targeted and concentrated application of Q10 available.

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