MitoQ And Pro-oxidant Free Radicals And Their Effects

It is now understood that free radicals play an important role as signaling molecules in conditions of cellular stress like cancer, infections and other situations. In these situations there is benefit in cells signaling that they are under stress so that the body can respond appropriately. This might be by killing off the cell in the case of a cell turning cancerous or by killing a cell that is infected to stop a wider infection.

There was a recent study that showed resveratrol blocked the muscle building benefits associated with exercise in older men. This indicates that use of non- specific antioxidants needs to be carefully weighed up from a risk and benefit perspective.

If we consider that CoQ10 is an antioxidant in every cell and in young people it is present at levels that are optimal to prevent oxidative damage. It follows that that there would still need to be pro-oxidant signaling occurring and that these pathways would be even more effective in our youth so that the body could resist health issues like cancer and infections. And this is the case as there are less cancers in general when we are young and that the young are typically more resistant to the serious infections that occur as our immune system declines over time.

This would indicate that the body has developed numerous pro-oxidant pathways that function in the presence of high levels of CoQ10. MitoQ replenishes CoQ10 levels in mitochondria to provide them with optimal support and evidence shows it is having this effect without interfering with these important pro-oxidant pathways.

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