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If you’re looking for younger skin, you’re not alone. One of the things people have tried to combat aging with skin treatments since civilization began is aging, dried and wrinkled skin. While aging is a major cause of wrinkled skin; sun, wind and people’s genetics also are major contributors. Wrinkles are called rhytide and affect people differently but the issues around self-image and self-worth has ensured the issue of aging skin has been a target of scientific innovation.


As the movie and television industry, photography, and the web have grown our skin is seen and judged by more people. Walking past a display of women’s magazines effectively demonstrates how skin is a major signifier of health, wealth and beauty.

There have been several generations of anti-aging skin creams and over time they have proved to be increasingly effective, setting new standards in beauty. Most treatments have concentrated on hydrating and moisturizing tissue to attempts to alter the PH balance or shield skin from suns rays, or some of the light spectrum.

At the healing edge of modern skin anti-aging skin creams comes MitoQ, utilizing a new and patented antioxidant that regenerates and rejuvenates cell structures.  Independent research shows this treatment is 1000 times more potent than other topical formulations.

With the world being increasingly surrounded by free radicals – unpaired electrons that are produced by our body and by the environment our skin is under increasing levels of oxidative stress. Modern skin care needs to keep up with the increasingly artificial and the often damaging environments in which we live.[Blog]-Next-Generation-Skin-Treatments

MitoQ is a scientific breakthrough in cellular CoQ10 delivery technology, protecting the skin from free radical damage induced by the aging process or accelerated by exposure to sunlight. MitoQ accelerates skin rejuvenation creating a radiant outward skin appearance and lightening and brightening your skin. We encourage you to do your research and discover for yourself how MitoQ can benefit you.

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