Skincare For Men

Looking after your skin and skincare is no longer just the domain of ‘metrosexuals’ and those soft, city types who have lost touch with their masculinity. Around the world, men’s skincare products are finding their feet as more and more males begin to understand the importance of looking after their skin.  Follow these top tips to ensure you maintain healthy, youthful skin that will stand the test of time.

What does skincare include?

Face cleanser:

Men should wash their face twice a day. This regular ritual will help wash away dead skin cells, keep your pores clean and bring out new skin.

Wash before shaving:

For the vast majority of men, skin gets oily throughout the day. This oil can block your skin’s pores and prevent you from having a good, close shave. So, prior to shaving, you should make sure you wash your face with water and a soap product. This will prevent blockage and help your skin to rejuvenate.

MitoQ man washing before shaving

Deciding on a shaving product:

When using shaving cream, the most important thing is to choose a product that lubricates the skin well so that razor blades have minimal friction. This helps stop razor burn. When it comes time to purchasing a product, choose a cream, gel, or shaving soap that has extra lubrication.

How to shave properly:

Most men never had that ‘Hollywood moment’ when their father lathered the old brush and taught them how to use a razor. While the dominant theory suggests that you should shave against the direction of your hair growth, the jury is still out. In fact, some believe that shaving this way irritates the skin and that moving in the direction of the growth makes for better skin care. This one is in your court, but try both directions to see what shaving direction seems to agree the most with your skin.

Using moisturizer:

Applying a moisturizer after a shave helps keep it well hydrated.  Additional benefits of using a moisturizer are that it helps prevent cuts and irritation. Any moisturizer with vitamin E, shea butter, or essential oils will work well.

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