The Ultimate Skincare Regime for Younger Looking Skin

Most people accept that skin ageing is inevitable but no-one wants to look older than they are and the majority strive to look a few years younger than their biological age. The key is a combination of both prevention and cure and the simple way to achieve this is by maintaining a simple skincare regime. Follow these steps for day and night and you’ll both reduce the fine lines and wrinkles you already have and prevent new ones from forming.

Just remember - look after your skin and it will look after you.

Day Routine

Cleanse - for freshness and a glow.

In the morning, use a gentle cleanser to wash away excess sebum and dead skin cells which have accumulated during the night. For further benefits, apply in circular motions to boost circulation which will nourish cells, carry away waste products such as free radicals, and give you a healthy glow that will last all day.

Moisturise - for protection

Apply a moisturiser with an SPF of at least 15 to protect the skin from the harsh rays of the sun which can penetrate even on cloudy days.

Night Routine

Cleanse - to rid the skin of dirt and prepare the skin for treatment

Evening cleansing is primarily to rid the skin of a build-up of dirt and make-up so that pores aren’t clogged with grime. It also allows the active ingredients in any serum or moisturiser you use to deeply penetrate the skin where they will work most effectively.

Moisturise - to treat the skin with anti-ageing ingredients

At night, away from the harsh environmental influences of the sun and pollution, your skin can concentrate on intensive regeneration, which is why night is the best time to apply a rich anti-ageing moisturiser. Pick one packed with antioxidants such as MitoQ which will prevent collagen from breaking down and free radicals from forming.

MitoQ Moisturise

Once or twice a week

Exfoliate - to rid the skin of dead cells

Ridding the skin of dead cells is essential to prevent a dull, grey complexion, avoid blocked pores which can lead to spots, and to increase cell turnover. Daily exfoliation could irritate the skin so lightly exfoliate with a scrub a couple of times a week and be sure to follow it up with a deeply hydrating moisturiser.

Face mask - for intensive treatment

Apply a face mask containing anti-ageing ingredients such as antioxidants once a week for the ultimate delivery of nutrients. Thicker than a moisturiser, with an application time of ten to fifteen minutes, ingredients are able to penetrate far more deeply and therefore can work more efficiently. For the best results, apply after cleansing and exfoliating to ensure the pores are open and nothing else is present on the surface of the skin.

Emily Buckley is a beauty journalist and copywriter who has nearly a decade of experience in the beauty industry and has been lucky enough to receive advice from a wide range of beauty editors, dermatologists, and beauty therapists. She is currently writing a series of articles on behalf of MitoQ, a breakthrough in anti-ageing skincare technology.

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