What is: Prodizia

Sleep is an essential part of skin rejuvenation but often our hectic lives mean that sleep is compromised in place of more important tasks. This lack of sleep disrupts the natural cycles of cell metabolism and the visible signs start to appear on our faces in the form of dull complexion, under eye bags, drawn features and dark circles. To combat this increased stress, a new active ingredient, Prodizia™, was created.

What is Prodizia™?

Prodizia™ is a natural ingredient extracted from the bark of the Persian Silk Tree, (scientific name Albizia julibrissin). Along with MitoQ® and Mediatone™ in ‘MitoQ Crystal Brightening & Skin Correcting Serum’, Prodizia™ works to support youthful levels of collagen and elastin, help reduce dark spots and nourish the skin while you sleep.

How Does It Work?

When collagen in your skin is degraded, your skin begins to age faster because the skin loses its elasticity. One of the key processes responsible is called glycation.

Prodizia™ has been shown to help protect against glycation in the body by supporting the skin’s systems in charge of protecting and repairing during sleep.

Applying ‘MitoQ® Crystal Brightening & Skin Correcting Serum’ every night can help to prevent the degradation of collagen, and help to protect and repair damaged cells.

Where can I find Prodizia?

New to the MitoQ® Advanced Skincare Collection this year, Prodizia™ is an essential ingredient in our MitoQ® Crystal Brightening & Skin Correcting Serum - PM. This rich night cream will ensure you wake up with revitalized, brightened and restored skin.

MitoQ Skin Correcting Serum

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