CoQ10 - A Powerful Antioxidant For Skin

It would seem that the holy grail of anti-aging is a compound found naturally in every cell in our bodies. Playing an essential role in the production of usable energy for cell activity, Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is vital for all life.

Put simply, without CoQ10 our bodies would not be able to function and we would die.

Woman HikingAlthough that is unlikely to happen, as we age the amount of CoQ10 in our bodies steadily diminishes, which speeds up the aging process. Indeed, the uncanny correlation between CoQ10 decline in our bodies and the natural aging process means that it is one of the most reliable biomarkers of aging. However, by supplementing our natural supplies of CoQ10 it is possible to enhance the efficacy of skin cells and radically slow skin aging.

How does CoQ10 slow aging?

There are a number of ways in which CoQ10 helps to decelerate the anti-aging process, resulting in younger-looking skin which positively glows, including in its role as a free-radical scavenger.

UV rays, pollution, stress and a poor diet all contribute to the formation of cell-attacking free radicals inside our bodies, which can ultimately cause premature aging of the skin.

CoQ10’s powerful antioxidant activity counteracts and disarms free radicals, thus protecting cells and even reversing some of the damage they have already done.

As our levels of CoQ10 are depleted with age, the body is less able to produce collagen and elastin, leading to wrinkled, sallow, and less supple and firm skin. A boost of CoQ10 can increase the production of both, as well as stimulate cell activity in general. Active skin cells can rid themselves of toxins and make the best use of nutrients, resulting in far healthier skin which shows on the outside. If CoQ10 can penetrate the cell’s powerhouses, the mitochondria, it can be truly powerful in combating skin aging.

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How do you increase your CoQ10 levels?

Of course, as with all ingredients, skincare products must contain a sufficient amount of CoQ10 for it to do any good and a minimum of 0.5% has been recommended by scientists and dermatologists. The cream must also be able to deliver the potent antioxidant deep enough into the skin for it to make any significant difference to wrinkles.

That, so far, has been the challenge for research teams and scientists but breakthrough products which enable us to take full advantages of the powerful benefits of CoQ10 are emerging.

The true power of CoQ10 could be about to be fully realized

MitoQ is a new patented molecule that has been clinically proven to get CoQ to cells at levels that literally flood the cell and deliver on the promise of CoQ therapy. By providing high levels antioxidant protection cells start to function optimally leading to an overall anti-aging effect.

We have a range of ingestible and topical skincare products that flood the cells with our unique form of CoQ10 to provide both internal and external skin support.

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