3 Easy Heart Health Tips

Good heart health is vital to your overall health. Here are some easy cardio health tips to squeeze into an already packed day.

A healthy heart powers a healthy life and good cardiovascular health is important not just for avoiding things like heart attacks, but also for maintaining everything from normal blood pressure and brain function, to sleep and skin quality.

Heart issues are one of the main health concerns women face globally, but aside from that alarming fact, your heart is responsible for circulating nutrients, oxygen and water around your body, as well as supporting your immune system and transporting the body’s messenger chemicals such as hormones.

What is Cardio Health?

Cardio or cardiovascular health relates to the health of the heart and blood vessels. It also relates to the health of organs that are critically dependent on a strong blood supply.

This all sounds pretty heavy and important, but looking after your heart health doesn’t have to mean spending loads of time or money. There are some pretty easy ways you can support your cardiovascular health in everyday situations.

Read on for our top three heart health tips

1. Nutrition Cheats

Up your intake of wholefoods like fruit and vegetables, whole grains, unprocessed protein and healthy fats to help support the health of your arteries, which we know is a major contributor to heart issues

This doesn’t have to mean a big kitchen overhaul. Starting with a morning smoothie full of dark leafy greens and colorful fruits easily gets vital nutrients into your day if evening meals are a scramble.

If you’re finding it hard to cut back on that sugary afternoon snack, minimize its negative effects by eating it with a handful of unsalted raw almonds or walnuts. At dinnertime, if you’re struggling switching to brown rice, try mixing some short-grain brown with your usual white rice until you’re ready to make the full change. Exercising and Diet can help heart health

2. Exercise Hacks

New Zealand’s Heart Foundation recommends doing 30 minutes of moderate physical activity a day to help reduce your heart risk.It’s probably not feasible to fit in a gym session or run every day, so try sneaking exercise into your normal routine instead. Using public transport was shown in a recent British Medical Journal study to be associated with lower body mass indices (BMI) than travelling by private transport.

If it’s not practical to ditch the car, park it a 15-minute walk away from yourfinal destination. Conduct walking meetings at work, go and talk to colleagues in person rather than emailing, and if possible, work standing up for 15-30 minutes every one to two hours. Added heart benefits of exercise include reducing blood pressure risks, helping to control weight, and improving heart muscle health by revitalizing its cellular powerhouse – the mitochondria (more of that below). 

+ Learn more about aerobic fitness for heart health

3. Targeted Help

Your heart is one of the hardest working organs in your body, which means it has high energy needs.

This energy comes from within your heart cells and is generated by the mitochondria – your cells’ power factory.

Mitochondria produce the antioxidant CoQ10 along with free radicals as part of the natural energy production process. When these are in balance, everything is fine but from the age of 35, the mitochondria’s production of CoQ10 can begin to slow down, exposing the cells to free radical damage, which can lead to compromised energy production, and a less than optimal cardiovascular system. Because of these high energy needs, heart muscle cells have one of the highest concentrations of mitochondria. So as you can imagine, it’s important they’re in good working order.


Thankfully, supporting helping your cells’ energy production only takes 10 seconds a day.  No-brainer, right?

MitoQ is a New Zealand innovation and the first and only supplement able to enter the mitochondria and work to re-energize them by helping to neutralize free radicals. A super-targeted form of CoQ10, MitoQ penetrates the mitochondria hundreds of times more effectively than regular CoQ10 supplements, giving your heart cells the energy they need to keep you powering through life.

MitoQ- The world’s first mitochondria-rejuvenating CoQ10 antioxidant

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