Live A Healthy Life, Even When You Are Busy.

In today's modern world, time is never on our side. We don't get a chance to really look after ourselves with many of us finding it hard to prioritize our own well being and find time for health and fitness. Things like meal prepping or scheduling some self-love can very easily stay at the bottom of the list.

We have noticed a lot of women are more interested in quick and effective nutrition and fitness options so we have put together a list of hacks that are simple and achievable.

Fresh produce is best- preparing a salad

Want to produce quick but healthy meals?

  • Think fresh, fresh is best!  Produce combined with protein is a great way to have healthy filling snacks, think apple slices with peanut butter or veggie sticks with hummus. Pre-cut the produce and store in the fridge for a quick grab and go snack.
  • These Mint Chocolate Keto Balls are sugar-free and packed with good fats, great for boosting energy levels after a hard work out.
  • Meal prepping can set you up for the entire week. Pre-make bulk portions of curries, stew's, pies and bakes so you can re-heat. Throw together a salad or some vegetables in the time it takes for the meal to heat up and you can have dinner ready in no-time. If you don't have time to cook entire meals for the week, pre-washing and chopping fruit and vegetables can reduce mealtime prep every night.
  • In order to help with the meal prep, online shopping can be a great tool. It allows you to buy everything on your list and have it delivered, reducing the amount of time spent wandering the aisles of the supermarket and purchasing unnecessary items.
work out at home

How to fit fitness into your routine?

  • Wake up half an hour before the kids (or if no kids, then just half an hour earlier than usual).
  • Start your day with a quick 20-minute workout, run, yoga, Tabata session.
  • Make time with your partner to cover you with the kids and vice versa when you need your fitness or time out sessions.
  • Work out with your friends at the park during your coffee catch ups or at lunchtime with your work colleagues.

Want more tips on how to get more exercise?

Click the link below to discover our top 5 tips to get more exercise.

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