MitoQ Announces Lorraine Downes As New Brand Ambassador

New Zealand supplement and skincare company MitoQ is excited to announce a partnership with beloved Kiwi Lorraine Downes, who will become one of the key ambassadors for MitoQ in New Zealand.

Lorraine has long been an advocate of MitoQ and credits the supplements for her resilience and energy levels, which give her the ability to power through the day.

As a passionate supporter of innovative, local products that enable a more active and energised life, it was a natural alignment for Downes to take on the role and showcase the incredible benefits of the MitoQ range.

Lorraine says “I’ve been taking supplements for 35 years. Initially as a result of winning Miss Universe and using various vitamin and mineral supplements to maintain my well-being during an ambitious and heavy schedule of commitments.

“I have been taking MitoQ as a supplement for the last three years. It has enabled me to fortify my own self and maintain my energy levels that were necessary in being the primary caregiver of my late husband. After Marty passed I stopped taking them and found my energy levels were dropping.


“I believe in the science behind MitoQ and as I age, maintaining the energy it takes in daily life to get the most out of my life, MitoQ fits perfectly within my ethos of leading an active healthy life of well-being. I started taking them again about 12 months ago and found my old self starting to emerge again,” Lorraine concludes.

MitoQ was discovered at the University of Otago and is the world’s first CoQ10 antioxidant that can both penetrate the mitochondrial membranes and act directly inside mitochondria; the power plants that provide the energy needed by cells to function properly and fight off free radicals.

By slowing the gradual damage associated with free radicals, MitoQ supports optimal organ function and may help to slow down a variety of cellular ageing processes. We now know that well over 200 health conditions are associated with poor mitochondrial function.

MitoQ has achieved significant global attention in the medical and research community with more than 100 studies currently underway by independent research groups, evaluating its effect across a wide range of disciplines. MitoQ’s technology is the first of its kind and shows promise in supporting cardiovascular, kidney, neurological and immune health.

Recent research has showcased the potential MitoQ can play in age-related cardiovascular health and is a great example of why Lorraine believes in this product and wants to raise awareness of its benefits.

MitoQ CEO Greg Macpherson says, “As people age, their risk of developing cardiovascular health issues increases significantly. Many of these people don’t, or can’t, meet the recommended healthy diet and exercise guidelines. In combination with a healthy lifestyle, MitoQ represents a very promising complementary strategy for supporting flexible arteries and heart health.

The MitoQ range comprises products that target different areas of the body, ranging from heart, liver, brain, eyes, skin and more.

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