MitoQ Announces Partnership With Spartan Obstacle Course Racing International

MitoQ is proud to announce a new partnership with the Spartan sports and endurance racing community as the organisations ‘Official Mitochondrial Supplement’

Spartan men racing on course

What is Spartan?

Founded in 2010 by Joe De Sena, Spartan was inspired by the warrior society of ancient Sparta. Seeing that modern technology was making life ‘easier’ but making people deprioritize holistic health, De Sena decided to create a community of Spartans who push and inspire each other.

“Our Spartan obstacle courses seek to manufacture adversity, which then trains your body and mind to overcome obstacles on the course and in your everyday lives. Spartans develop a resilient spirit, a capable body and mind, all supported and driven by an incredible community.” Says De Sena

To date over 8 million people have crossed Spartan finishing lines around the world. As an inclusive event, the course is open to everyone no matter who you are, where you came from or what you do for a living. Inside everyone is a Spartan waiting to come out.

Spartan and MitoQ

MitoQ CEO Greg Macpherson says the synergy between the two companies is incredible.

"We’re super excited to be working with an organization that holds almost identical values to us about health, challenging yourself and getting the most out of life. Like Spartan, MitoQ loves ordinary people doing extraordinary things.”

Spartan is an innovative brand which strives to empower its members and community to push their limits. As a company, MitoQ shares very similar values. We will be working together to educate the Spartan community on the importance of cellular health and its role in performance.

Spartan woman racing on course

Perform and Recover

The world has only begun waking up to the importance of mitochondrial health and MitoQ is at the forefront of this breakthrough science. We believe that by empowering your mitochondria you are setting up your body to perform and recover at its peak.

With Spartan and MitoQ’s shared values of empowerment, innovation and education, it won’t be long until this partnership is exciting fans from America to New Zealand. We couldn’t be more excited to work together to build our community along with theirs.

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