The MitoQ NZ Tour – Stage One

And were off! 

Paul Millet and the ‘lads’ of the Glendowie Cycling Crew have now completed the first stage in their journey to cycle from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand. Spread over four days, this initial stage covered 480km of the total 3000km. Starting in Cape Reinga the goal was to get all the way down to Auckland.

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Watch the video below to meet the team and experience their first leg down the tip New Zealand.   

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Waking up early in Kaitia on day one, the team were anxious and excited to board their shuttle to transport them to their kick-off point. “We started from Cape Reinga. At the lighthouse. The spiritual tip of New Zealand,” explains Tour organizer Paul Millet. “Everyone was a bit nervous. There was a lot of nervous laughter and a bit of chit-chat. 


The first day of the Tour had the team witnessing breathtaking views, exploring wild countryside and challenging themselves with something they’d never experienced before: riding on a beach. A few hours after setting off, they left tarmac behind and began the seemingly endless cycle down Ninety Mile Beach, a long stretch of sand (actually only 55 miles) that runs along the west coast of New Zealand. Although the tide was out, the sand was wet, the wind was blowing, and the going was tough.  


I don’t think I need to do Ninety Mile Beach again for a long time,” laughs Paul“It caught us all by surprise, we didn’t know what to expect. But we stuck together and that was important because everyone just rotates around in their fitness, in their motivation. We were quiet, very quiet for a couple of hours – I don’t think we talked. Then we got the music going so it was good fun.”  


But riding on the sand was just the beginning. As the team snaked down the coast, they found themselves tackling dirt tracks and climbing some pretty gnarly hills. With elevations of over 1500-metres the legs were a bit wobbly at the end of each dayThe team surprised themselves with their ability to recover, something that they associate with MitoQIt just surprised us how quickly we were able to get up and go in the morning after such a surprisingly tough day,” says Paul. 


Increasingly performance and recreational athletes are taking our world-first antioxidant because of its growing reputation to help them increase their training intensity and recover faster. Taking the MitoQ has made it a lot easier,” Paul continuesIt’s given us a lot more confidence. The confidence has come from knowing that we can get up in the morning and get on with it. I’ve noticed my ability to get back on the bike and not get the pain in the legs and not get the fatigue and warm up a lot quicker, and that’s just me, right.” 


At the end of the four days, the team rode into Auckland tired, little stiff but with massive grins on their faces and ultimately proud to have accomplished the first hurdle. With a beer in his hand Paul reflected on his experience over the last four days. 

We’re guys who enjoy living life. We enjoy getting out and about. And as you get older, you look for things that will actually help you to do the things that you want to do. And whether or not that’s activity, whether or not it’s just being able to play with the kids. Do things like this. 

When I heard about MitoQ and how it really helps to energise youmitochondria and build up your energy and increase your recovery time, increase concentration, well that fits with exactly where we are. We need our recovery time to be faster. We don’t bounce back as much as we used to do 30 years ago, but now with this we feel a lot more energy. We’re not as fatigued as we would have been normally. 


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