MitoQ and Spartan Visit Queenstown, NZ

Earlier this year MitoQ partnered with Spartan Racing USA to provide the trip of a lifetime for two lucky winners in the Spartan community. Along with a partner of their choice, the winners flew from America to the home of MitoQ, New Zealand, to experience our beautiful country and race in the inaugural Spartan New Zealand race - Spartan Auckland City Sprint.

+ Click here to see the team compete in the Spartan Auckland City Sprint.

The following day (and after some time to recover!), the winners and a select group of MitoQ team members began the second half of their journey, hopping on a plane and flying two hours south from Auckland to the snow-filled South Island town of Queenstown.

Our social media specialist, Jaimee, went along for the adventure and has detailed the trip below.

Snowing in Queenstown

Landing in Queenstown is always a breath-taking experience but even more so in winter. The snow-capped mountains come up to meet you as your (very small) plane brings you down in the middle of it all. Stepping off the plane, we all drew in our breath as the temperature was a cool 2 degrees. This was a stark contrast from the warm climates of Florida and Phoenix, where our Spartan MitoQ Sweepstake winners are from.

Champagne at the top of Stratosphere Restaurant

After checking into the beautiful Hilton Spa and Resort we headed into town to take in the sights of Queenstown. The snow began to fall as we took the steepest gondola in the Southern Hemisphere above Lake Wakatipu to the top of Bob's Peak, where we enjoyed a spectacular 220-degree panorama with views of Coronet Peak, The Remarkables, Walter and Cecil Peak and, of course, Queenstown. The winners popped a bottle of Champagne and enjoyed it in the warmth of the Stratosphere Restaurant.

Winners by the lake

Sweepstake winners Lynne-Marie, Jenna and videographer Alistair were feeling brave and took the hair-raising QT luge back to the bottom.

Dinner at Sherwood restaurant

From there we went for a well-deserved dinner at the Sherwood Restaurant, which puts an emphasis on sustainability, with organic ingredients grown and harvested in their own self-contained gardens and sourced from local farms and independent growers. It was a truly authentic kiwi culinary experience.

Winners in Queenstown

After a long day sweepstake winner Alex and his wife Jenny were humbled by the experience:

“A wonderful day in New Zealand courtesy of our hosts, MitoQ. We’ve traveled to Queenstown, where we took the gondola to the Skyview restaurant and its amazing view of the town and lake below. Our traveling companions include the other contest winner, Lynne-Marie and her friend, Jena, and several members of the MitoQ team. To document it all is Alistair, a documentary film producer, who will be telling the story of our trip and of MitoQ. I’m humbled to be a part of the story.”

Queenstown Lake Boat

The next day, was much more leisurely with everyone doing their own activities. The winners began the day with a round of interviews by Alistair about their experience entering and winning the Spartan MitoQ Trip. Be sure to check back as we will have more on that later.

A couple of us walked off the previous night’s dinner with a hike up Queenstown Hill which offered stunning views, perfect for taking photos. Alex and his wife Jenny spent the day off-roading in the nearby countryside. They visited Arrow River and Skipper’s Canyon. Arrow River is where a couple of the Lord of the Rings scenes were shot.

On the last day the winners and MitoCrew took the bus to the world famous Shotover Jet Boat – a must-do Queenstown activity which has exclusive access to the spectacular Shotover Canyons.

Shotover Jet

Made for maximum speed, strength and manoeuvrability, their boats are powered by twin 350 Mercruiser V8 engines, producing a combined 700 horsepower. Lynne-Marie from Florida drew the short straw with her seat being located at the rear-side of the boat and was soaked by freezing waters – this is one way to wake up your senses!

All in all, our winners had a blast, and told us they felt like they were “dreaming”. The MitoCrew loved showing them our little slice of heaven. Lynne-Marie took the time on her flight home to reflect on the experience:

Winners in Queenstown

“Capturing a few last glimpses of magical Queenstown as we depart and begin the long journey back home. This place has taken my breath away, captured my heart and burned its brilliance into my memories forever. I am incapable in finite vocabulary of expressing the depth of gratitude and humility pent up in my soul for this amazing adventure and the impact it has had on my life.”

MitoQ on the Shotover

Here at MitoQ we are driven to helping people do more of what they love with our world-first cell-energizing supplements. Partnering with Spartan USA has introduced us to a community of people like Lynne-Marie, Jenna, Alex and Jenny, who share that same drive. We thoroughly enjoyed meeting our Spartan MitoQ winners and introducing them to New Zealand, and of course sharing such powerful experiences together.

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