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MitoQ Healthy Living Blog

Next-Gen Supplements- MitoQ as seen in Mindfood March 2018

Our CEO Greg Macpherson spent 10 minutes with Mindfood Magazine to help them understand why protecting and harnessing mitochondria is so important.


Protecting and harnessing mitochondria, found in all human cells, can help keep your skin stay healthier for longer.

The beauty world might not have heard much about mitochondria - tiny powerhouses found in every cell in the body - but according to Greg Macpherson, CEO of MitoQ, it won't be long before we do. "From a medical perspective it's huge, and you will hear more about mitochondria in the skin and beauty industry in the future," he says.

"Skin cells aren't the most energy-intensive cells in the body, but they still need energy to repair skin when inflamed and to create collagen. If we're able to keep mitochondria working properly.... skin will be healthier for longer"

While most of us are born with healthy mitochondria, Macpherson says modern-day lifestyles - too much sugar, too little exercise, processed foods and stress - don't help. "Sugar is the primary fuel for the mitochondria, so if we flood the body with sugar it flips them out, and when they're under stress it puts our cells under stress and that's not good."

We're also dealing with inflammation from external aggressors, including exercise, diet, skincare and UV protection. To protect mitochondria from oxidative damage, MitoQ's skin line harnesses mitochondria-targeted antioxidants and youth-restoring ingredients.

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This article was originally published in Mindfood, March 2018 and also here.

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