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We are excited to announce that MitoQ has been selected for the USA’s National Institute of Aging’s (NIA) Interventions Testing Program (ITP) – an internationally renowned anti-aging testing program funded by the US Government. There have only been 28 compounds selected by the program since its inception in 2004.

The NIA is part of the US National Institute of Health, an organisation that invests over $US30 billion per annum into health research. It was set up by US Congress in 1974 to “understand the nature of aging and extend the healthy, active years of life”. In pursuit of this research, a global selection process by two expert panels of scientists invites a small number of compounds with exceptional potential to reverse or decelerate the aging process for testing each year.

MitoQ, the world’s first mitochondrial-targeted antioxidant formula, has been selected for the 2015 intake.

For MitoQ to be selected it must -show significant potential to delay or decelerate the aging process and improve general health. Spokesperson for NIA and Principal Investigator of the ITP Research program, Randy Strong, affirms,

“in my opinion, mitochondrial targeting of antioxidants has potential to improve several aspects of health. MitoQ was considered by both selection panels to have good potential to impact healthy aging.”

MitoQ Cells Mitochondria

In a recent interview Greg Macpherson, CEO of MitoQ, said

“our selection for NIA testing is a huge step forward for MitoQ. Selection by the globally-recognized ITP program validates a widening view within the research community that MitoQ confers anti-aging benefits. We are honoured to be acknowledged in company with well-known compounds shown to extend age-span and health-span, such as rapamycin and aspirin, which were also selected for this program and are now proven to positively impact longevity and health span.”

The compounds selected for the program are tested over a three to five year period to determine their impact on aging. The program is renowned for its life-extending findings. Professor Strong said “our discovery that rapamycin has such a large effect on lifespan, even when started late in life, has, I believe, changed the way the research community thinks about aging. Research has shown that aging and its associated health issues and lower energy levels is linked to a decline in mitochondrial function. Mitochondrial dysfunction is now known to be associated with over 200 diseases or conditions. Healthy mitochondria generate the energy our cells need to operate, they are the key to slowing the aging process and improving our health span over the long term.

The reason we have been selected for this important trial comes from MitoQ’s ability to optimize mitochondria and their activity. When mitochondria are returned to what can be described as ‘youthful activity’, the benefits to cells, organs and the body are clear. 


MitoQ has the novel ability to deliver the body’s natural antioxidant CoQ10 to mitochondria in a way that has never been achieved before.

Mitochondria are also known as our ‘cellular batteries’ and are present in almost every cell in the body. Flooding the mitochondria with antioxidants has the twin effect of improving the level of energy available to a cell and also reduces free radical-associated cell damage.

Greg Macpherson explains, “mitochondria are intricately linked to the aging process. If we can improve the way they function and stop them leaking free radicals, we may slow down this process and keep all of our organs and body healthier and younger for longer.”

Since MitoQ’s discovery in an Otago University laboratory in 2000, the company has invested heavily in further research and development to better understand the potential of MitoQ for human health. MitoQ has significantly increased the global research community’s understanding of mitochondria and their link to human health and aging. To be recognized by the NIA on the international anti-aging stage attests to the 15 years of hard work and investment by Kiwi scientists, the global research community and the MitoQ team to positively affect the aging process.

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