Normal Signs Of Aging At 40: Keeping Track Of Your Health

The age of 40 is a milestone for many. At the age of 40 many people are able to begin to enjoy the fruits of their labors from their 30s. Being established within your profession, seeing your family grow, and having the means to be more financially dependent all characterize things that people strive for in their middle adulthood.

While turning the big four zero is an exciting time, for some it may be met with a little more resistance. In a more pessimistic point of view turning 40 can invoke a mid-life crisis, fear of aging, and dread. While one can experience mixed emotions about turning 40, it is important to remember that aging is an inherent part of life and turning 40 is just another transition into an exciting part of your life.

The best way to mitigate fear of aging is to become familiar with normal signs of aging and understand the things that you can do to promote healthy aging. While aging is inevitable, the way in which you age is largely up to you and your everyday choices. Below is a closer look at four normal signs of aging as well as three ways to keep tabs on your aging and to promote healthier living as you age.

Normal signs of aging

When you imagine an elderly individual it is easy to conceptualize typical signs of aging. Wrinkles, thin skin, and dark spots are outwardly apparent signs of aging that people are generally aware of. While these are typical of aging, there are many other normal signs of aging that are not outwardly apparent.

As you progress in age your skin is not the only organ that begins to show signs of wear. Mental fog, decreased visual acuity, and changes occurring within the body are also signs of aging. Because these signs of aging are not consistent with the preconception of aging, it can cause some level of distress.

Below is a look at four normal signs of aging that one could run into while in their 40s. Knowing these signs of aging can better equip you to understand the changes occurring within your body.

Mental fog

Aging is known to have large impacts on your mental abilities. From the second you are born, the human brain is changing and adapting. Throughout childhood, adolescence, and early adulthood the brain is developing. The brain isn’t completely developed until approximately the age of 25.

While brain development is mainly indicative of childhood and young adulthood, the brain continues to change throughout your life. By the age of 40 you will most likely experience some of these changes.

The mental capability from young adulthood to your 40s is similar, however there are some trends that exist. Generally working memory, attention, and ability to retain new information decreases.

As you age it is important to be proactive and take charge of your health. When it comes to helping your mental health many people are unaware of the ways that they can help support their mind and mental capabilities. Taking supplements like MitoQ rain along with activities that challenge your brain can help to facilitate a healthy aging mind. Supporting your brain in these ways could help to support normal cognition, mental clarity, and overall brain health.

Small lapses in cognition are a normal aspect of aging. If these begin interfering with your day to day it is important to schedule an appointment with your doctor. Being aware of the changes in your mind can better allow you to take notice and keep track to ensure that you are on top of your health.


For those fortunate enough to not have vision problems throughout their life, your 40s may present you with your first introduction to the world of eyeglasses or contacts. According to the American Optometric Association, presbyopia is among the most common vision problems of those between the ages of 40 and 60.

Presbyopia is caused by the decreased elasticity of the lens within the eye. Your eye is able to adjust its focal distance through the manipulation and bending of the lens within the eye. As you age elastic tissues can begin to harden and become less flexible. In the case of presbyopia, this results in the decreased ability to focus on things close to your body.

In addition to presbyopia, changes in color vision, issues with glare, and decreased eye lubrication through the tear duct may occur as a result of aging. While there are many different ways to treat these conditions, the best way is through proactive measures. Doing eye exercises as well as taking MitoQ eye can give your eyes the support they need to fight back against aging.


The skin acts like the sacrificial barrier to protect the rest of the human body. The life cycle of skin begins deep where new skin cells are created. From there they are pushed toward the surface as a result of the continual proliferation of new skin cells. These skin cells eventually die while being pushed toward the surface and become a part of the skin's surface.

As you age the efficiency of your skin decreases and shows itself in the form of loss of elasticity, hydration, and the appearance of wrinkles. Topical skin care products are a great start to help lock in moisture and assist your natural skin barrier. While topical products are great, it is important to assist the underlying cells that require mass amounts of energy to constantly divide. MitoQ skin complex offers a unique blend of micro-nutrients that gives your skin radiance and youth from the inside out.

Protecting the human body from abrasions and the stressors from the outside world is a large task. The skin is continually working to serve and protect the body. By giving your skin the support it needs through MitoQ skin care and skin supplements, you give your skin the best shot at continually providing the best protection and appearance possible.

Changes in weight

The body undergoes large physiological changes throughout age. Simply looking at yourself now versus when you were a child, you can evidently see that major changes have occurred within your body. A common misconception is that these changes stop after you are fully developed. In reality your body is constantly changing and adapting to the world around you.

One typical change that occurs in middle adulthood is the decreased muscle mass. Whether it be through physiological changes or environments facilitating sedentary lifestyles, the loss of muscle mass is a hallmark biomarker of aging.

While a decrease in muscle mass is associated with aging, staying active as you age can allow your body to retain its muscle mass for longer.

How to promote healthy aging

At 40 you still have many decades left within your life. While you may not have the physical abilities of your early adulthood, you have gained valuable experience and wisdom. To best prepare yourself for the decades ahead, it is important to promote healthy aging. Below are three tips to facilitate healthy aging.


It is well understood that exercise has positive impacts on your health, yet many people encounter internal resistance when trying to start exercise. While sitting on your couch may seem like the best way to unwind, in reality it is robbing you of your health and could lead to issues that could shorten lifespan.

Getting exercise on a regular basis throughout your life is a great way to facilitate healthy aging. Exercising pushes your body which builds muscle, improves circulatory health, and builds stronger bones. These factors combined can allow you to live a longer and better quality life.

Wellness checks

Wellness checks are a great way to stay on top of your health and to keep track of your health. During a wellness check a medical professional does assessments and lab tests to ensure everything is working as it should.

As you age it can be disconcerting when things you used to be able to do with ease becomes difficult. Through annual wellness checks you can bring these concerns up and a medical professional can determine whether it is simply an aspect of aging or if there is something more at play.


While fad diets are immensely popular, for the sake of improving the aging process it is important to make healthy food choices. Avoiding highly processed foods and selecting whole and fresh alternatives is a great way to fuel your body with good nutrition.

Your nutrition is important because it consists of the building blocks and tools that your body’s tissues and organs utilize to function optimally. By having and maintaining a healthy diet you are ensuring every cell in your body has all the resources and tools it needs to function at its very best.


In summary, 40 is a milestone year in which you may begin noticing signs of aging. Mental fog, decreased visual acuity, changes in skin, and changes occurring within the body can all begin to show up. While it can be alarming, it is important to know that there are steps you can take to improve your health and age gracefully. Through healthy living and regular checkups you can keep tabs on your health and allow your body to age as gracefully as possible.

While aging is inevitable, the way that you age is largely up to you. Taking charge of your health is the single best way to avoid premature aging and live a long and happy life.

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Reviewed by: Kai Man Yuen/ BSc., PGDipSci., MSc.

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