Our Top 8 Productivity Apps For 2021

2020 was a hectic year with the onset of a novel viral pandemic throwing everyone into a tailspin. After months of figuring out how to function in the midst of a pandemic, many have found a way to make it work. While making it work was all one could ask for in the beginning of the pandemic, after almost a year into the pandemic just scraping by can’t cut it. Refining and bettering your new workflow requires time and effort as well as trial and error.

The new era of productivity looks quite different than it did in previous years and productivity tools are becoming ever more important. Productivity apps can aid in your productivity journey by making the complex juggling of tasks more manageable. MitoQ understands the importance of productivity and getting the most out of your day. We loved Trello, Gmail, Slack, Toggl, Zoom, and Dropbox in 2020, but 2021 has some exciting new time management, project management, and task management tools for getting things done. Below are eight of the best productivity apps for 2021.

Things 3

We all have things to do and Things 3 is a great application for getting your to-do list into an organized list. With an application available for mac and iOS, Things 3 is able to seamlessly become your go-to application for jotting down items you need to get done.

The first aspect of Things 3 that makes it a must-have for productivity is what they call the inbox. The inbox is where you can quickly create a to-do or reminder for those moments when you simply need to jot something down quickly. When you have more time on your hands you look at your inbox and assign a date, time, deadline, category, and project to the specific task. With all of this information, you can organize your tasks based on day, category, project, and more. Having all of this information at a glance as well as it integrating your calendar allows Things 3 to truly maximize your productivity potential by giving you all the information you need at a glance to ensure you get everything checked off your list.


Flora is a must-have application to up your productivity game. Flora works by shutting down the root cause of poor productivity, distractions. The concept of the app is very simple yet very effective. Within the app you start by determining the amount of time you want to set aside for your task. Once the timer is set a fictitious seed is planted and will grow as long as you do not leave the app for distractions like social media. If you do switch out of the app the tree dies and you need to restart the timer.

The app makes it easier to start putting your phone down and really focusing on the task at hand. The ability to challenge others to plant trees together makes the app more fun and engaging. If you are a phone junkie that finds social media and their phone to be hindering their productivity, flora is the app for you.

Flow Pro

If you are a Mac user that works from home, Flow Pro is a must-have application that will forever change the way you work on the computer. The application starts off as a simple pomodoro timer. The pomodoro method is a technique of having designated timers for you to focus and take breaks. While having an application that gives you a timer is helpful, Flow Pro gives you many more features.

In addition to acting as a work timer, the application is able to block websites like facebook, youtube, instagram, and other websites while the flow timer is running. Not only can the application block websites, but it can also lock you from accessing applications that can rob you of your productivity like imessenger, email, and others. Once you hit a break these sites and apps become unblocked and you can unwind by scrolling through your feed. Another feature that the application has is that it automatically syncs with your calendar allowing you to quickly see your workflow at a glance. All of these features work together to make you work more effectively with your time.


Calendars have been around for centuries and the 12-month calendar we know today owes its beginnings from Pope Gregory XIII. In recent years, the electronic calendar has developed quite a few features that make it an ideal companion for the person looking to increase their productivity. Today nearly all devices come with an electronic calendar app and nearly all of them have advanced functionalities like the ability to share your calendar with others.

While a calendar may not be revolutionary, it is a tried and tested way of getting your day organized allowing you to worry less and work more. With advanced features like sending calendar invites, providing availability to others, collaboration tools, syncing across devices, and smart assistant integration the calendar application is a powerful tool. Google calendar is a popular calendar app whether you're working with Windows or a MacOS, but you can even make your own calendar within Kanban, OneNote, Asana, or your preferred list app. Adobe Spark also has calendar templates with its free version, and the calendar with Microsoft Outlook seamlessly syncs for office co-workers who prefer Outlook over Gmail.

Not only can it help with your professional life, but a calendar can be a great tool for reminding you to do repetitive tasks. One example would be to set a calendar reminder everyday after you wake up to take your MitoQ supplement. Having this gentle reminder can better allow you to stay on top of your tasks instead of getting distracted messaging friends, and it ensures you accomplish your goals.



IFTTT may seem like a string of letters, but it stands for “If This Then That”. This phrase is a phrase that is commonly utilized in programing language to describe a line of code that looks for a condition and if the condition is met, it performs an action. While the name of the application may seem like you need a degree in computer engineering, it is actually quite easy to use and is a potent productivity tool.

Unlike other apps described within this list, IFTTT works to improve your productivity by making your workflow more efficient. IFTTT acts as a middle man between applications and can allow you to automate many of your daily tasks allowing you to get more work done. A great example of how IFTTT can improve your workflow is through automatically logging your work hours based on your location, no physical note-taking needed. The IFTTT statement would look like “If Location is at work, create a new entry in Google Sheets with current time”. Once the statement is created it will continue to work automatically, allowing you to automate repetitive tasks and focus your energy on work that truly needs your attention.

IFTTT can also be utilized to make your life at home a little more relaxing by automating tasks when you get home. You could set up IFTTT to dim the lights at a certain time and remind you to do your nightly skin routine with your MitoQ Night Serum. Setting up this kind of automation can make it easier to develop a new habit and make it stick.


Evernote is a productivity application that was one of the first to be available on smartphones. The mobile app debuted in 2004 and over 16 years later the application is still relevant and has quite a cult following. In fact, many functions of productivity applications can find their roots in Evernote and the functionality that over a decade of work brings.

Evernote in its simplest form is a digital notebook where you can jot things down and organize your thoughts. We prefer it over Todoist and Kanban Boards. While Evernote can act as a digital notebook very well, it exceeds expectations as it has seamless integration with commonly used applications, document scanning, file sharing, and the ability to save web pages to mark them up in your notebook. You may have to upgrade to premium plan pricing for certain functionalities, but this is one great use of your creditcard.


Excel is G-Suite's best productivity tool for many different reasons. Available on Google Drive or offline, Excel has stellar templates, hassle-free shortcuts, and additional features that make it the best productivity tool for small businesses and large corporations alike. The uses for excel are almost limitless, but for the sake of productivity, excel can allow you to increase your efficiency through automation and allow you to create spreadsheets to keep you organized from due dates and subtasks to making sense of Salesforce data and real-time editing between team members.

Excel is a spreadsheet tool created by Microsoft and was a part of their digital office lineup in 1985. 36 years and many revisions later, Excel has become ingrained into many different peoples lives and is still a top application for productivity. The most advantageous property of Excel is the ability to utilize formulas. With the utilization of formulas you can simply insert a series of numbers and gain a wide variety of insights instantaneously. You can even have excel pull multiple sheets together in a formula to give you an output. These properties combine to save workers hours of time and effort which is a large component to being effective and productive with your time.


Timely is an application that aims to optimize your workflow through time tracking throughout your day. The best way to nail your productivity is to assess where the inefficiencies lie and Timely allows you to do just that. In addition to giving you these insights, Timely can be utilized by freelancers and businesses to determine how much to bill for a particular job. Timely utilizes the power of AI to determine when work is being done and when it is not. The result is a fair assessment of time required to perform a task and insight into where your time goes in a day.


There are tons of productivity resources available to you, whether you're rocking an Android, an Apple iPhone or iPad, or web apps. The hard task is finding the productivity solution that works best for you. Staying focused, motivated, and on top of your work is not easy but with the right productivity apps, it may make the task seem a little less daunting or intimidating.

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Reviewed by: Asha Hira/ BPharm

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