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How To Snatch The Freedom From Free Radicals And Prevent Skin Damage

Free radicals - how can something with such a free-spirited, innocent sounding name cause so much destruction? And yet these pesky split molecules can cause an enormous amount of damage to the DNA of skin cells, leading to premature skin ageing. If...
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CoQ10 - A Complete Guide To This Secret Weapon For Skin

What are the secrets of keeping your skin looking fresh and healthy as we travel through the years? CoQ10 is a beauty ingredient like no other. Created directly in your cells, it internally provides your skin with the support it needs to help...
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The Mysterious Mitochondria

Although mitochondria were discovered over 100 years ago, scientists have only recently begun to decipher the many life-giving, and life-taking, secrets of these complex bean-shaped structures.
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What Is CoQ10?

Mitochondria are often described as our cellular batteries. They are small organelles that sit in our cells and are responsible for generating the power to run the cells.
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MitoQ And Pro-oxidant Free Radicals And Their Effects

It is now understood that free radicals play an important role as signaling molecules in conditions of cellular stress like cancer, infections and other situations. In these situations there is benefit in cells signaling that they are under stress...
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The MitoQ Story - The Beginning

CoQ10 is an antioxidant that is in every cell in our body. Its other name is ubiquinone because of the ubiquitous distribution across all our cells. CoQ10 sits predominantly in the mitochondria as part of our natural defense against free radicals...
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Can Living In A Big City Affect Your Skin?

The answer to the above question is a resounding yes. We know that air pollution can be an issue for our lungs but less known is that it can also damage your complexion.
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Next Generation Skin Treatments - MitoQ

If you’re looking for younger skin, you’re not alone. One of the things people have tried to combat aging with skin treatments since civilization began is aging, dried and wrinkled skin. While aging is a major cause of wrinkled skin; sun, wind and...
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What Causes Skin Aging

As we grow older our bodies become less and less capable of fully repairing the damage to the molecules which give skin its strength and resilience. There’s nothing to be done about intrinsic aging, except perhaps adopting the right approach to it,...
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Protect Your Skin From Free Radicals

First of all, what are free radicals? Free radicals are a natural part of our body’s metabolic process. They are basically unpaired electrons looking for a partner, and during this process, they attack other cells and overpower parts of our immune...
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