Liver Health And How MitoQ Helps

The liver supports almost every other organ in the body and is our largest internal organ. Playing this crucial role requires a lot of energy.

Our liver is responsible for as many as 500 different functions within our bodies. It is involved in digestion, detoxification and blood recycling, and acts as a chemical factory and storage unit. Playing this crucial role requires a lot of energy which means that liver cells are packed with mitochondria, as many as 2000 in each cell. All of this activity also leaves our livers prone to damage from toxins, infections and other conditions.

When our mitochondria start to decline with age or illness, our livers can sometimes bear the brunt of this. Without our mitochondria running at 100%, our livers aren’t able to effectively detoxify our blood or properly metabolize the food we eat. This can lead to a host of issues both within the liver itself, and in our other organs. Similarly, over-consumption of alcohol or a poor diet can lead to liver damage and conditions that have been linked to mitochondrial dysfunction.

MitoQ Liver is a revolution in liver support, containing a proprietary formulation of MitoQ, Siliphos® Milk Thistle, Selenium and Vitacholine®.
MitoQ recharges our mitochondria with targeted CoQ10 antioxidants, which help to neutralize free radicals and reduce the damage they can do to our cells. This can help our liver cells to function at full capacity and perform their huge number of tasks optimally. Siliphos® Milk Thistle is a special formulation that absorbs several times more effectively than standard milk thistle and also works as an antioxidant in liver cells. Selenium is an essential micronutrient shown to boost natural antioxidant enzyme levels in the liver. Choline is an essential dietary nutrient supporting normal liver function and healthy fat metabolism. A diet deficient in choline has been linked to poor liver health.

Mitochondria are the main energy source for the liver and play a major role in controlling its normal function. When mitochondrial function starts to decline because of illness or aging, the mitochondria aren’t able to properly control these functions, provide sufficient energy or fight free radical damage.

MitoQ Liver is a revolutionary blend of research backed ingredients which support normal liver function. MitoQ boosts the natural levels of CoQ10 antioxidants in our mitochondria, helping to reduce oxidative stress and maintain cellular energy levels. Siliphos® Milk Thistle, Selenium and Vitacholine® have all been shown to have significant supportive antioxidant effects in liver cells.

Taken daily in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise, MitoQ Liver can help reduce oxidative stress and safely support normal liver function.

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Reviewed by: William Stow/ BSc (Hons), MitoQ Chief Science Officer

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