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Neurological Disorders & Our Mitochondria- Part 2/3

Your nervous system can be thought of like an electrical network, with your brain as a computer and your nerve fibers like signal wires. If the computer doesn’t have enough power, or the wires get damaged, the signals don’t get through and the whole...
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Energy Boosting Foods

Circulatory stimulating foods that increase the flow of blood around the body will provide a natural increase in energy. Try ginger, cinnamon and turmeric for that natural boost in energy that won’t come crashing down. Ensuring adequate levels of...
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How Obesity Affects Your Liver

Mitochondria are high performing cellular components that are the site of several life-sustaining reactions, including the conversion of food into fuel for the cell. Mitochondria are found in abundance in the liver (about 1000-2000 per cell), which...
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New Science To Help Us Age Healthier And Live Longer

Read Health Guru Teresa Marie's wonderful blog post about MitoQ's anti-aging supplement she stands by and why below
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Finding New Ways To Measure Oxidative Stress

The origins of the term “oxidative stress can be traced back to the 1950’s when experts first debated the effects of free radicals and ionizing radiation.
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14 Tips For A Longer, Healthier Life.

We all aspire to lead a healthy and happy life and deep down we know the foundation for this is a healthy diet, minimising poor habits like smoking and drinking, and being active.  However, even if we look after ourselves, our health and energy...
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Milk Thistle: Helping Our Livers For Over 2000 Years

Our liver is one of the largest, most complex organs in our body. Playing a central role in all metabolic processes, our liver also detoxifies chemicals, metabolizes medicines, synthesizes proteins and clotting agents, and produces bile to aid...
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How Much Do You Care About Your Hair?

Our hair reflects a lot about who we are, and just like our skin, our hair is subject to oxidative stress factors that impact on either the development of the hair follicle or the subsequent emerging hair.
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Oxidative Stress An Underlying Factor Of Depression?

Depression is a condition characterized by feelings of intense sadness and hopelessness that persist for months at a time and affect everyday functioning. Globally, an estimated 350 million people are affected by the disorder; however, over 80% do...
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Moderation The Key To Liver & Overall Health

We are what we eat. For good health we need an adequate intake of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. Not too little, not too much
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