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The Mighty Mitochondria

Re-energized cells, healthy organs and younger-looking skin can be achieved through boosting your mitochondria -  the tiny power plants in our body that produce the energy our cells need to operate.
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Why Your Mitochondrial Health Matters

We recently featured on as they spoke with Scientific Adviser, Mike Murphy on why Mitochondrial Health really matters. Read what they found out below:
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Why CoQ10 Is Crucial to Mitochondria And Overall Health Benefits

CoQ10 is the primary antioxidant the human cell provides to protect and support mitochondria. Mitochondria are most abundant in the tissues and cells of our bodies that need the most energy to function properly. 
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7 Ways To Feel Younger

7 Ways To Feel Younger is a wonderful blog written by Andie, a mum, cook, DIY & fitness fanatic and the author of lifestyle blog 'Maybe I Will'.
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How To Care For Your Mitochondria

They’re essential to energy, focus, vitality, and metabolism. And yet most of us have no idea how our mitochondria work. Here’s how to tune up your body’s quadrillions of “energy factories” so you can perform at your peak.
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Scientists Still Have One Trick Up Their Sleeve; MitoQ Heart

Heart and circulatory conditions are the number one killer in the world today, but most of these deaths are preventable. While a balanced diet, routine health checks, regular exercise and avoiding smoking are the cornerstones of lowering your risk...
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14 Tips For A Longer, Healthier Life.

We all aspire to lead a healthy and happy life and deep down we know the foundation for this is a healthy diet, minimising poor habits like smoking and drinking, and being active.  However, even if we look after ourselves, our health and energy...
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Are Free Radicals Helping Us Get Fitter Faster?

Free Radicals are highly reactive molecules that are produced as a by-product of many cellular reactions. More than three decades ago, it was established that muscle activity also increases free radical production, a finding supported by subsequent...
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Is Stress The Biggest Risk To Your Health Of Them All?

Nowadays everybody seems to be busy. In fact, if somebody asks you how you are, the expected response is typically “Busy…so busy!!” But how do our bodies cope with this busyness day in and day out? Well actually we don’t cope very well at all. While...
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Do Not Purchase Another CoQ10 Supplement Without Reading This!

On face value taking CoQ10 makes sense … When you take CoQ10 you support the generation of energy and reduction of cellular free radical damage …. or do you?
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